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5 challenges of the primary school parent

Parenting at every stage of a child’s development is no easy task as each phase comes with its own challenges. The child grows from infant to toddler and before you know it they are off to school. They move from kindergarten to primary school and then to secondary school. Some children move on to college or university while others opt to take a different path. Whatever the stage of development, each presents its own unique sets of obstacles which must be overcome. This article presents the 5 challenges of the primary school parent. This information will be useful to current and future parents of children at the primary level of education. See the 5 challenges below:

1. Helping your child to develop a good work/play balance
At this stage of the child’s development, he or she will place more emphasis on play rather than school work. Getting your child to settle down in school and consistently doing homework can sometimes become a great challenge. While it is important for your child to play, it is even more important for him or her to understand the value of work. Therefore, working to help your child understand this balance is vital at this stage.

2. Keeping up with homework and assignmentsimage 48 5 challenges of the primary school parent
Most parents tend to be involved in helping their primary school aged children with their assignments. Usually, these tasks require some amount of parental involvement or direction for successful completion. This may pose a severe challenge for some parents who are juggling work and home life especially with multiple children. Some parents tend to be overwhelmed by all their responsibilities and sometimes cannot find adequate time to supervise homework and assignments.

3. Keeping your child safe
Children at the primary school level tend to be very active and engage in many different games and physical recreational activities. As a result, the likelihood of injuries such as cuts and bruises tend to increase. Some parents may even find themselves in a constant round of cleaning and dressing cuts and wounds. Additionally, there is the ever-present danger of dealing with broken arms and legs.

4. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet
Young children tend to enjoy snacks, drinks and sweets. They sometimes do not want to eat fruits and vegetables as well as meals prepared at home. Parents sometimes are so pressed for time that they tend to pack lunch kits with what is easily accessible. Therefore, parents find themselves unable to dedicate enough time to their child develop good eating habits.

5. Finding the right school
Sometimes parents struggle with finding a school that best fits their needs as well as those of their child. Sometimes the school which is closest to home may not be the ideal choice for the parent. Additionally, finding a school that caters to the holistic development of the child may prove to be unaffordable for the family.

Your primary school child is at a fragile stage of development and parents should take great care to lay a solid foundation. This includes helping the child to develop good life skills such as decision-making. Unfortunately, some parents find it extremely taxing to dedicate the time which is required for this endeavor. The 5 challenges of the primary school parent presented in this article are not insurmountable but can be overcome with adequate planning and support.

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