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5 Habits you wish your Teen would Develop

As children age, they develop their own personality and way of doing things. Sometimes they learn habits from their friends or family and sometimes they develop on their own. Teenagers often do not pay enough attention to their diet or health. They may be influenced by friends or society. Dads often wish they could mold their children in to the good people they want them to be, but all they can do is be there with them as they grow. Fathers can influence a child’s habits by being an example and hoping they stick.

A good study routine is the key to a successful academic career. If a teen could get in the habit if coming home after school and completing his homework right away, his efforts will be rewarded. Students who sit down and take time to learn their lessons and complete their homework will perform better than students who rush through their studies so they can go do something else. Instill in your child at an early age the value of a good education.

Health is important. Good health is the only way to live a long and healthy life. Teenagers often spend their lunch hours eating cheese fries and pizza instead of a sandwich and some fruit. They are not as concerned with their health. However, if they knew what adults knew, they might consider picking up the apple instead of the french fry. Teenagers need to get in to the habit of making good food choices, so they can learn and carry that habit with them in to adulthood. An exercise routine will help your teen avoid one of the biggest killers today -obesity.

image 42 5 Habits you wish your Teen would DevelopTeenagers are bombarded with images of celebrity’s and models in magazines and on television. They come to expect those people as the normal standard for looks. Girls are especially affected by this. It is important for teenagers to develop a healthy self-image. A healthy self-esteem will lead to better choices in life and will teach teens that they can get attention in many positive ways. They do not need to show off their body or do things they would not normally do to get attention.

With all the temptations in the world, it is important for a teenager to be able to stand up for himself. There is such easy access to many different illegal substances these days that teens will be faced with many adult decisions before they are old enough to understand many of the consequences. They will be pressure to drink or have sex. If a father can make a child understand that being a leader will garner more respect than following the crowd, his children will be heading down a path to success.

Communication is key not only for teenagers, but for everyone. Often teenagers think they are invincible and can do anything. Being able to ask for help is a very impressive quality, something that some people struggle with. Teenagers should not be afraid to make mistakes. Valuable lessons are learned from mistakes.

If a father can instill all these habits in to his child’s life, then he has done a wonderful job as a father and his child will see much happiness and success.

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