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5 indicators your child could be on drugs

Drugs. They are high on the list of every parent’s worst fear. Seemingly simple recreational drug use in a teenager or young adult can lead to a life full of trouble, crime, or even prison time. Many parents find themselves worrying that their child or teenager has started using drugs. Statistics that show high levels of drug use among teenagers scare them even more. Fortunately, there are some clear signs that can indicate that your child or teenager may have recently started using drugs.

The first and most powerful indicator that a child may have started using drugs is a sudden personality change. A previously funny and cheerful teenager who has suddenly turned crabby and sullen may have started experimenting with illicit drugs. Likewise a cranky teenager who all of a sudden thinks life is wonderful may be using. If you see a sudden personality change in your child or teenager it may be worth asking what has changed recently in his or her life.

Another indicator of possible drug use is if your child suddenly starts spending time with a different crowd of friends. A teenager who always spent time with “good” kids may suddenly start hanging out with a newer and darker crowd. That teen may have started using drugs and her new friends may be more apt to accept this than her older “good” friends.
If your child’s grades have always been good and suddenly start dropping, then drugs could definitely be a possibility. A child who was always a strong student and suddenly seems to have no interest in studying or doing well in school could be taking drugs or experimenting with other harmful or dangerous behaviors.

If your child is suddenly difficult to reach where he or she was not previously, this could be an indication of something new going on in his or her life. If your child suddenly stops answering his cell phone when he is at a friend’s house after school or starts hiding where he or she is going image 39 5 indicators your child could be on drugsthen this could be a sign that there is something to be concerned about. Most children will understand if you ask them to pick up the phone when you call. However, a child who does not want to tell you where he is going or who he has been with may be trying to hide drug use or another dangerous behavior.

Lastly, a child who is suddenly obsessed with keeping things private may be attempting to hide new drug use. To some extend an interest in privacy is age appropriate for children and teenagers. However, a teen who suddenly starts locking his door all of the time and wanting you to get out of his room may be hiding drug use or something else that he does not want you to see. A sudden obsession with privacy can be an indication that your child is trying to keep something from you. If you notice this or any other possible signs of drug use it may be time to sit down with your child or teenager and ask him what is going on in his life.

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