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5 Things that are Better Since you were their Age

The world has changed a lot since today’s fathers were kids. We have seen many political changes and much technological advancement. Education is more accessible not only for men, but for women and minorities as well. The country is making great strides towards recognizing every citizen’s civil rights. Some things have changed for the worse, but there have been many things that have improved since dad was a teenager.

While it may not seem it sometimes, as a society we are more accepting of people’s differences. We are raising our children to recognize that while they may be a different color, gender, or nationality as someone else, they are still the same because they are all people. This is not to say there are not problems with racism or discrimination. Unfortunately, these evils still exist, but we have made great strides in the past 25 years. The disabled community is seeing a world that is becoming far more accessible, allowing them to persevere through their disability instead of being limited because of it.

The internet has been an amazing development. In recent years, it has become accessible to almost everyone, whether they have a computer at home or utilize the library or school computer labs. The internet opened up the world in terms of a social tool. People can communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Students are able to easier find resources for schoolwork. They can reference articles and information online instead of having to always hunt the information down in the library.

As with the internet, we have made many great technological advancements. This is not only great for communication, but also for work in scientific advancement. Scientists have more tools to perform experiments. Crime labs are able to more accurately identify DNA samples and other information. Students and professors can compare information and very easily identify plagiarism. The medical community is usingimage 41 5 Things that are Better Since you were their Age all the new technology to search to cures for many diseases.

There are far more opportunities now for a good education. In past years, many people graduated from high school and immediately got a job. Some students only completed eighth grade before they had to go work on the farm. That was not the case for everyone, but certainly now it is much easier for any willing person to attend college. Women and minorities are just as free and able to attend college. There are many scholarships available in many different arenas.

Despite all the great technological and social advancements we have made, one of the greatest improvements for a father is that he now has a family. All the years of hard work and commitment paid off. Dad was able to find a woman to love and who loves him back and they started a life together. He now has the joy of watching his children experience life with all the differences from when he was younger. Parents always say they want to give their children a better life than they had. Improvements in today’s society only makes that goal easier.

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