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5 Things to Say to your Daughter the Night before her Wedding

For a father, watching his daughter get married is a bittersweet moment. While you are so proud she has grown up into a beautiful woman and found a man who truly loves her, it is hard to let go of your little girl. She is a woman now and maybe someday soon be raising children of her own. Even though your baby girl is uniting with another man, your role in her life is not forgotten. She will always come to you in times of trouble and image 40 5 Things to Say to your Daughter the Night before her Weddingshare with you her happiest moments. On the day before her wedding, share with her just how very special she is.

Tell your daughter how happy you were the day she was born, how her entering the world changed your life forever. Express your love for her mother and how you hope her marriage brings her as much joy. Explain what it felt like the first time you held her in your arms, the first time you helped her patch up a scraped knee, or the first time you watched her heart get broken. Tell her what a beautiful woman she has become.

There have likely been many moments in your daughter’s life that have made you proud to be her father. Share those stories with her. Relive her high school and college graduations; tell her the joy and fear you experienced watching her fall in love for the first time. Tell her how much you cherished every moment you spent together.

Pass on advice about marriage and relationships. Stress to her the importance of communication and mutual respect in a marriage. Tell her to always stay in touch with her family and to remember how important it is to laugh and smile every day. Make sure she understands that her happiness is your number one priority and what you expect out of her future husband.

Your daughter may have children someday, and maybe soon. Teach her how to love her children. Tell her the best way to love her children is to always openly express love for their father. Provide a safe and comfortable environment for the children so they always know they can be themselves. Always be there to listen and to love. Hug them every day. Tell them you love them every night, no matter what.

The most important message to impart of your little girl as she takes the big step in to marriage is that you are still her dad and she is still your little girl. Tell her you love her, are so proud, and will always be there for her, for any reason. Make sure she knows how much her family loves her and will miss her, but how impressed they are with who she has become.

Watching your daughter get married will be one of the happiest days of your life. After all, don’t we all wish nothing but happiness for our children in their lives? While it may seem that you are taking a backseat on her wedding day, you will never take a backseat in her heart.

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