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5 ways to motivate your child to get out of bed on time

Getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle for many people, particularly children or teenagers. Teenagers have their body clocks working against them. During the teen years the natural habit is to stay up later and sleep later into the morning. Unfortunately, many high schools start very early in the morning which works against the natural rhythms of the teenager’s body clock. Because of this, it often takes some doing to motivate your child or teenager to get out of bed on time on a school morning.

image 43 5 ways to motivate your child to get out of bed on time

If your child or teenager is having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, try to offer a tangible incentive to being up and out of bed on time. This could be a chance for you and your child to sit down together for a few minutes at the beginning of the day. It could even be having time for a hot breakfast in the morning instead of having to eat cold cereal on the way out the door. These sorts of natural benefits to being up on time will help motivate your child to change his or her morning habits.

With many children or teenagers the logical approach can help them to understand why it is important to be up and out of bed on time. Explain that when they sleep in or hit the snooze button it adds to the morning stress for them and for everyone else in the house. On the other hand, when they are up on time there is more time in the morning for breakfast, checking homework, and other things without having to rush out the door at the last minute. Helping your child to understand how his actions in the morning affect the rest of the family can help him to change his ways.

For many children, the thought of getting up and going to school is simply not enough motivation to get out of bed. Instead, try waking your child up with something special. It could be a good morning kiss or song that you sing to them every morning. It could be sending a sibling into their room with a special treat. Whatever it is, waking your child up with something special is likely to help her to wake up in a more pleasant mood in the morning.

If your child doesn’t go for the sweet and special approach, try doing something funny to wake your child up in the morning. Send the dog in to lick her face. Have the cat walk on the bed and meow in his face. Have a younger sibling come into the room and sing a funny song. Whatever you do, make sure it is more fun to get up in the morning than it is to stay in bed.

If all else fails, try sending your child to bed earlier. Some children have trouble waking up in the morning because they are not getting enough sleep at night. If this is the case, then it is time to lay down the law and change your child’s bedtime habits. If your child complains that she is not tired at bedtime then tell her she can read or listen to music quietly but that she must be in bed. Getting more sleep at night may make it easier for your child to get out of bed on time in the morning.

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