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5 ways to show your teen that you love them

As your children age and become teenagers, they become less interested in their parents and more interested in their friends. As they start to venture out on their own more, there will be less quality time to spend with them. Despite the fact that your children would rather be hanging out with their friends, instead of eating dinner with their family, it is still very important for the children to know that they are loved and appreciated by their parents.

Continue to show affection to your child whenever you can. Even though days may be very busy, there is always time for a hug or a quick ‘how are you’? Say good morning to your child every single day. If there is time, sit down and have breakfast or a cup of juice with them. Tell them good night every single night. Even if they are already asleep, always go and say goodnight. It is so reassuring to know that whatever plans they may have that day, their parents are always there for them at the beginning and end of everything. Tell them you love them every day, multiple times a day, even if you are fighting and very mad at each other. You never know when you will lose the opportunity to express your love.

Talk to your children and encourage them to talk to you. While they may not want to share every detail of their lives, they need to know that you are there for them if they have a problem. Listen to them without making judgments or telling them why they are wrong. Try to understand their problem and consider solutions together. As a parent, if your child has done something wrong, there should be a image 20 5 ways to show your teen that you love themconsequence, but be sure to explain why they are being punished. Communication is the key to a solid relationship.

Always ask them questions about their plans. They may get annoyed when you ask them where they are going, with who, what they are doing, how they are getting there, why they are going there, and when they will be home, but in time they will understand that you only ask all these questions because you want to keep them safe. Sometimes children do not understand the risks out in the world, but eventually they will thank you for protecting them.

Help your child with their schoolwork and emphasise the value of a good education. While children do most of their academic learning at school, education can be further fostered at home. This is a great way to teach them time management and learn their strengths. It will prepare them for college and life.

Take an interest in your children. Ask them questions about their lives and be genuinely interested in their responses. Find out why they like the things they do and then go participate in the activity with them. Always express how you care about their interests and goals.

Generally, show your children you care at every opportunity. Try not to yell, and if you do lose your temper, take time later to talk to your child about why and how the situation could have been better handled. A teen will feel the most loved if they feel safe and appreciated in their own house, if they know that it is ok if they make mistakes, and if they are comfortable enough to seek advice for their problems from you.

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