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7 things teens don’t like in their parents.

This is one of 2 posts [the next will be along in 3 days] about what kids do and don’t like in parents – but seeing as human nature finds the negative easier than the positive – I thought I would get the negative stuff out of the way first.

image 9 7 things teens don’t like in their parents.Anger

Of course they realise that parents are human and emotional beings, but they don’t like to see angry parents. Especially if they are angry at each other (Mum and Dad fighting) and it doesn’t help when they are disciplined by a parent in an angry state. Please keep your arguments in private and never tell someone off until you have calmed down.


Life can be a struggle for many people, hurdles to jump, mountains to climb – and none more so as they travel through adolescence. At this crucial time in their life they need people who believe in them, will encourage them, spur them on to high and lofty goals – not negative, put down types of people. Always look on the bright side of life!


Ancient wisdom states ‘a nagging wife is like a dripping tap’ – a nagging parent in like one too. Now I understand our teens don’t always do as they are told and don’t do it quickly enough but nagging simply doesn’t work. it doesn’t work for them (they may eventually do it but thats despite the nagging) and it doesn’t work for us (we just get stressed).

Inappropriate behaviour

In many ways we are models for our kids so if we do stuff that isn’t appropriate then they will likely follow suit. It is hard to define inappropriate as the circumstances will vary dramatically – but the could include : smoking; smoking more than tobacco;overtly sexual activity in front of your children (and I am a strong advocate for affection between parents – but there are limits) – maybe even continuous computer usage?

Parents acting like teenagers

Sorry but it isn’t cool to try and use all the teen language; or to dress like you were 19 again – other kids think it is amusing our kids know it is plain embarrassing. It is always best to act your age.

Living parents lives through their teenagers

This one is a big one. If you didn’t make it as a doctor, or teacher or rock star or whatever then it is never appropriate for you to expect your children to follow your dream. Let them have their own dream, follow their own destiny.


It is easy (maybe even normal?) to have favourites. Some of our kids are simply more like us – or more like our spouse (the one we loved so much we married!). BUT – it is not the done thing for that favouritism to show. And while we are here it is never acceptable to do the comparison thing either – ‘your grades aren’t as good as your sister’s’ etc.

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