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A new baby changes your life.

Of course bringing a new baby into your life is a wonderful event.
An amazing experience that changes your life forever

However not all the changes are easy to cope with. Your baby
will not likely follow the same sleep pattern as you. This can be a
really stressful time for the new parent. Some babies will sleep for
up to four hours at time if you’re lucky. Many will not .

It does require a lot of adjustment on your part. You have to be
careful that your own lack of sleep does not make you to
unbearable to be around. This can easily cause problems within
the rest of the family.

New parents discover that the things they took for granted before,
have now changed. Shopping trips or visiting family has now to
be organised on an almost military scale.

image 24 A new baby changes your life.

You may find your social circle changes as well. Many friends that
do not have a young family now have a little less in common with
you. The plus side is that you will drift into other peoples circles.
As you meet more new parents and start getting invited to their
events. These are all changes that occur naturally, and it pays to be
aware of them. You will never really lose touch with anyone if you
do not want to. Just be aware that your priorities have changed.

You begin to see the world a little differently as well. Your
newborn baby has given you a new sense of responsibility and you
begin to care about the future more than ever before.
You may find yourself making changes to your lifestyle. Like
eating healthier, or not taking as many risks.
Many of these changes directly affect you as much the newborn
babies life.
Welcome to the world of parenting!

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