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At Home Summer Boredom Busters

As the summer wears on, so does boredom when a child does not have as many school friends around on a daily basis or structured play time, but with a few creative ideas it is easy to reduce at home summer boredom.

image 2 At Home Summer Boredom BustersMost of the time, it just takes a little imagination and a couple of good ideas to help stave off boredom for children of any age group, but when the days are long and hot it can sometimes be difficult for young minds to come up with ideas on their own. Simple suggestions and involved parents that encourage their children to be creative and engage in free play often comment that their children never have a bored moment.

Some of the most engaging and fun activities for children require them to create, problem solve and experiment in order to make their own fun. In this way, not only do the children have fun playing, but they stave off boredom by actively engaging and keeping their minds busy and working. Try introducing homemade bubbles and bubble wands to children, but do it in a way that requires them to discover what works best for themselves by giving them the materials, but requiring them to make the best wand they can and sudsiest bubble mix possible. Likewise, turn the backyard into a bug hunt, using a collection of jars, nets and magnifying glasses to capture and then identify everything that they find. Create paper boats, costumes from old clothing and paper planes to keep children busy.

No matter what, the best at home summer boredom busters need to be tailored to your child’s interests and you need to be involved. Kids can sense when their parents are paying attention and that can take a boring activity and turn it into something really fun that they will remember and want to do again in the future.

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