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5 Challenges of brand new parents Saturday, March 12th, 2011

The anticipation of a new addition to the family is usually filled with great expectations. Every parent relishes the thought of seeing a new life and knowing they played a part in this miracle. Much preparation is put in place to welcome the new prince or princess to the family. However, the birth of a child brings both joy and challenges. This article was written to help prepare expecting or new parents understand the 5 challenges of brand new parents.

1. Change in daily routine
The newborn baby requires much care and attention. Your life may become an endless cycle of feeding, changing diapers, soothing your crying baby and putting him to sleep. Then there is the additional work of washing baby clothes, keeping bottles sterilized, making baby feed and image 49 5 Challenges of brand new parentspurchasing baby supplies. Before you know it, time swiftly passes by without the achievement of other family goals.

2. New parents emotion
The daily demands of the newborn may leave some mothers feeling a bit overwhelmed. They may feel that they cannot cope with the additional responsibilities and may even begin to resent the baby. Instead of being a bundle of joy, the newborn is now viewed as an unwanted intrusion. Some mothers experience a sense of guilt that they could feel indifferent towards their child.

3. Having little or no support from family or friends
The birth of a child will impact all your relationships including your friendships. Some friends may slowly drift away as your hectic schedule is no longer able to facilitate the friendship. Additionally, family members may not live in the same vicinity and therefore cannot offer the assistance new parents may require. Having a family member with you for the first couple weeks can be a source of great relief.

4. Changes in sleeping patterns
The truth is your newborn will not understand your sleeping needs. He will cry when he wants your attention even if it is just to hold him close. Therefore, brand new parents may find themselves deprived of sleep as they are sometimes awake at night with the little one. Sleep deprivation can leave persons feeling irritable and hard to get along with.

5. Partner Conflicts
The demands of the new addition to the family can negatively impact on the relationship between mother and father. If there is no agreement as to how the workload will be shared, one partner may start feeling that he or she is carrying the weight of taking care of the baby. This can sometimes lead to arguments and tension in the parental relationship.

The creation of a life is one of the biggest miracles in the world. While it is a great honor, it is also a big responsibility. Therefore, parents should be armed with information on how to manage the early days and weeks of a child’s life. The 5 challenges brand new parents face may be overcome with ample preparation. Understanding your needs and that of your newborn will help new parents to maintain that delicate family balance.









How to Help Your Child Dry at Night Friday, February 4th, 2011

One of the first steps towards becoming dry at night is staying dry during a nap. If this is happening often, try leaving your child’s nappy off during naps.

If he’s regularly waking in the morning with a dry nappy, you can take the next step of letting him sleep at night without a nappy. Put a waterproof cover over the mattress to protect it against the inevitable accidents. Some parents put their children to bed without pyjama bottoms or pants when they first sleep without nappies, to minimise washing.

image 35 How to Help Your Child Dry at NightMake sure your child uses the potty or goes to the loo last thing at night. Leave a potty beside his bed for him to use if he needs it in the night and switch on a low light of some kind so that he can see what he’s doing.

Another strategy is to ‘lift’ your child when you go to bed yourself, taking him out of bed and sitting him on the potty or loo to encourage a wee.

If your child is regularly wetting the bed, you may need to put him back in nappies and wait until he’s consistently waking with his nappy dry again. It may help his self-esteem if you present this as being a way of giving him a good night’s sleep for a while, which is better than the disturbed nights he’s been getting with wet beds.

Toddler and a new baby Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

When a child is very young, the world is a strange place. All
emotions are new, and lessons are being learnt on a daily basis. If
that child is the first born, he or she will have had their parents to
themselves for some time. A new arrival on the scene changes
everything. This can be a very stressful time for the toddler. For
the first time in their life, they don’t have the undivided
attention of its mother. These new feelings can manifest
themselves into behaviour problems. Its not uncommon to see disruptive patterns developing at this time in their lives. Basically
they are trying to get back the focus of attention onto themselves.image 25 Toddler and a new baby

So how do you go about minimising the affects of this kind of

You can not wipe out all signs of jealousy, and its important not
over do your efforts in this. It is a natural emotion. Far better to
understand why it has made its presence felt in your child. Do not
get angry with the toddler, this will only help to make their feeling
more deep rooted. Often the child will only need reassurance that
you still love them just as much as before. It is a normal part of
growing up.
Of course you can begin the education long before the birth. Just
remember that you toddler does not have the same capacity to
understand future events in the same way as you do. Talk about
their new brother or sister in a way that makes them feel involved.
If they do not seem interested, its just because they are processing
the information differently than you do. Encourage them to join in
Make the whole event part of their lives. Ask them what names
they like. What do they want the baby to grow up to be. Ask them
about how they feel. It really is all about involvement as much as

What items do you need for your new baby? Saturday, January 15th, 2011

There are so many baby product available that it can seem a little
daunting for the new parent at first. Do you really need
everything? Are you just falling for clever marketing? You could
find yourself investing in items that never get used. So I hope this
list will point you in the right direction. I feel that these are the
most important items for your newborn.
Clothing. Clothing is obviously essential, but do not make the
mistake of buying too many. Babies grow very quickly and you
will end up with items that can not be used. One piece baby
suits,socks and bonnets are useful. Obviously if its cold a jacket
would be a good buy.. You will need a shawl and blankets as well.
Nursery things. A cot, a mattress, blankets and sheets are all must
have items. You may want to buy toys and mobiles to hang over
the cot, but these items are not essential. Your neimage 26 What items do you need for your new baby?wborn baby needs
comfort, feeding, warmth and love above all else. So if money is
tight. Direct it in those areas first. Think practical. Does it have a
real use? will it be used? The answer to those questions could save
you a lot of money.
Baby care items. Babies have very delicate skin and so will have products designed especially for them. It really is important to use
those types of products. Your health care worker or midwife will
advise you on this. A thermometer is an item that many new
parents would not think of, but it can save you from worrying
needlessly when the baby is crying but not really ill.
Diapers are essential and you have choices in these. Disposables
are easier but not green friendly. Cotton ones mean more work,
because you have to wash them, but also cheaper in the long run
because you do not need to keep buying new ones.
Feeding equipment. This will depend on if the baby is being
breastfed or bottle fed. If feeding naturally, then nursing bras and
special pillows will be on the list. If bottle fed, you will find teats
and bottles a must buy. Along with sterilising equipment.
Teething rings will be used at a later date. Sooner than you think.
Along with a play mat. Your budget will decide just how many
toys or educational products you buy. If you own a car, then you
will need a car seat and a travel diaper bag.
I hope this list helps you make up your mind just how your going
to spend your money. Your baby really needs warmth, food and
love above all else.

A new baby changes your life. Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Of course bringing a new baby into your life is a wonderful event.
An amazing experience that changes your life forever

However not all the changes are easy to cope with. Your baby
will not likely follow the same sleep pattern as you. This can be a
really stressful time for the new parent. Some babies will sleep for
up to four hours at time if you’re lucky. Many will not .

It does require a lot of adjustment on your part. You have to be
careful that your own lack of sleep does not make you to
unbearable to be around. This can easily cause problems within
the rest of the family.

New parents discover that the things they took for granted before,
have now changed. Shopping trips or visiting family has now to
be organised on an almost military scale.

image 24 A new baby changes your life.

You may find your social circle changes as well. Many friends that
do not have a young family now have a little less in common with
you. The plus side is that you will drift into other peoples circles.
As you meet more new parents and start getting invited to their
events. These are all changes that occur naturally, and it pays to be
aware of them. You will never really lose touch with anyone if you
do not want to. Just be aware that your priorities have changed.

You begin to see the world a little differently as well. Your
newborn baby has given you a new sense of responsibility and you
begin to care about the future more than ever before.
You may find yourself making changes to your lifestyle. Like
eating healthier, or not taking as many risks.
Many of these changes directly affect you as much the newborn
babies life.
Welcome to the world of parenting!

How to cope with a second birth. Sunday, January 9th, 2011

When you have your first baby, your head can be in a whirl. There
is all that expectation of the actual birth and so many other
thoughts and fears going on inside your head. Then there is choosing a name for the new arrival, and getting the nursery
prepared. It can feel like that there will never be enough hours in
the day to manage it all. I often feel that this is mother natures way
of getting you ready for motherhood, because then it gets really

However if this is not your first baby, there can be a lot of
difference in how you need to handle the whole event. You may
not feel quiet so anxious this time round. Obviously that is a good
thing, but you may find yourself not being so excited about the
happy event. This does not make this new birth any less important
to you, its just that you have other areas in your life to focus on.
When you had your first baby. You had only the new arrival to
think about. Now there will be another little one at home. Who
needs your attention just as much.

During your pregnancy you will be more concerned about the
welfare of your other children or child to worry about what stage
of the development the unborn baby is in. This may feel like you
do not care as much. In fact its the opposite, you’re just being a
good mother.

Before you know it, those nine months have flown by. You now
have to prepare yourself for the birthing day. Only this time you
have another task as well.

You have to prepare your other little ones for the arrival of the
new baby. Their life will be different from now on as well.

The main thing is not make them feel left out. If they feel involved
in the whole process that can help. Let them choose a few things
for the nursery. Ask them if they want to share any of their own
toys. Let them be involved in the naming of the new arrival. I do
not mean that you should hand over all responsibility to the child,
because you will be guiding them through the whole event.

Giving them this sense of involvement can make a huge difference
to how the child copes with another baby taking some of its
mothers attention. They will not feel so left out.

image 23 How to cope with a second birth.

Make sure that you have some time in the day, where they have
you to themselves. Juggling all of this is not easy, but those early
bonding moments last forever.

How to Help Your Child Accept a New Baby Friday, July 23rd, 2010

NewBaby 300x240 How to Help Your Child Accept a New BabyBringing home a new baby can be a terrific or horrific experience for an older sibling. Being used to the idea of being an only child and getting all the attention is suddenly out the door. In some cases it may mean extra work for the older sibling. It would be difficult then to find the upside of this change in the household.

All of a sudden there is competition for attention and there may even be bad behavior as a result. The older sibling may even feel forced to grow up faster. As a parent, you may feel guilty and unsure of how to remedy the situation so that adequate time is devoted to all your children.

The answer to this problem starts from before the new baby arrives home. Describe to your child what will happen at each stage, before, during and after the baby is born. Additionally, you shouldn’t give the impression that the baby will be a playmate or a best friend initially, as the baby will do nothing but sleep, eat, cry and observe. You should also explain that when the baby cries, it is through no fault of the younger child.

Give the older sibling the opportunity of assisting with naming the new baby. You can make a list of names that you wouldn’t mind the baby having. Another way they can help is by assisting with the design of the nursery. Maybe they can help pick the color of the room or maybe they can go shopping with you to pick up a couple of things for the baby’s room. Ensure to use at least one of their suggestions and let them know what a great job they did of choosing. It would also be worthwhile to allow them to be present at the birth of the baby.

When the baby settles in, find positive ways of having the siblings interact. You can supervise the older child holding the baby, you can let him/her read or sing to the baby. If your child displays negative behaviors, try as much as possible to ignore it. You don’t want to feed their need for attention when they do things that are wrong. They may feel that the way to get you to notice them is by acting out.

Don’t make your child feel less important than the baby. For instance, if the baby starts crying while you are spending quality time with big brother or sister, don’t run away to tend to the baby. Sometimes the baby has to wait a little just like when the older sibling has to sometimes wait when you’re attending to the baby.

In some cases, younger children don’t quite understand that the baby isn’t going anywhere. You should therefore stick to as much of the normal family routine as possible. Don’t let your child suffer because the new baby arrived. You should also have fun family activities. Do things that the entire family can share in. Your older child may develop feelings of resentment if he/she thinks that the baby is preventing the family from having fun together.

Helping your older child/children transition to the new family dynamic starts from the time you find out that you are pregnant. It is a continuous process that requires effort and patience but will be beneficial to the whole family.

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