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Stay at home moms living their lives Monday, January 24th, 2011

It is a misconception that because stay home mothers don’t work, their lives are easier than others. The truth is mothers that stay at home work harder than the rest of us. The job of a stay-at-home mother doesn’t end when the shift is over. It is a 24-hour gig.

The life of a stay-at-home mom can be very rewarding. However, it can become unsettling if you have very little interaction with the outside world. You can overcome this by searching for other mothers in your same position. Networking with other stay at home moms can be an excellent outlet for venting and even help you find new friends. Making friends with another stay at home mom can make things easier for you by allowing your children to play together and sharing some of the load and also by sharing helpful tips. It is important that a stay at home mother always allow time for herself. Set aside the time to take yourself shopping or treat yourself to other types of rewards. This is essential to your mental and emotional state and it will help you be a better mother. Other stay-at-home moms can help you accomplish this.

Try keeping your home life with your children as fun as possible. It is unhealthy for a stay-at-home mom to focus all of their attention on chores and what their children are doing wrong. Sadly it is actually quite common and can leave you feeling trapped. The most important thing is to fulfill your child’s needs. Your children need much more than focus on their bad behavior. In reality, you are the first teacher that your child will ever have. If you handle this appropriately, you can also be the greatest teacher. A good stay-at-home mom will teach their children helpful skills like their alphabets, counting and writing.

image 33 Stay at home moms living their livesBeing a stay-at-home mom can help you relive some of your childhood. It is completely acceptable and even healthy for you watch cartoons with your children, play games, and read their favorite books to them. These are fun activities that can help you find enjoyment in staying at home.

The greatest benefit of staying home to raise your children is that you don’t miss any of your child’s firsts. You will not miss their first bike ride, their first step, their first words, or their first smile. These are the types of things that build a strong relationship between you and your child. Before long your children will be grown and you will wish you had not missed these things. Take advantage of the time that you have with them now.

Helping your Child with Goal Setting Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

kids goal 300x230 Helping your Child with Goal SettingIt is important that children learn from an early age the importance of goal setting.  Achieving goals can help children to solve problems and teach them how to deal with everyday situations.  You can set goals like getting your child to save a specific sum every month or getting higher grades in school, or even something simple like solving a crossword puzzle.  Whatever the target, there are a couple things we’re going to look at which will help your child with goal setting and make it an enjoyable pursuit.

Before you decide on a goal it’s a good thing to talk to your child about it.  Make sure you get them to tell you what they want to achieve and why.  Talking about it is a good way of making sure it will be a realistic goal and one your child will be willing to work towards.

Make sure the goal is challenging and achievable. Don’t make it too easy, because you want your child to have to actually work to reach the target.  Setting an easy target will rob your child of the joy and sense of accomplishment that one feels when a goal is reached.  A demanding goal will let them learn that in life things are not automatic but are the result of hard work and effort.

Be sure to make the process fun sometimes; if they enjoy the journey the destination does not seem so daunting.  Children always like to be involved in any adventure that has some fun.  One way of doing this, especially for younger children, is to set smaller targets along the way.  As they reach each mini-target, encourage them and use positive re-enforcements to keep them focused on the final goal.

Be a very active cheerleader in the process from the sidelines and keep an eye on their progress.  Children like to know that you are a part of their adventures, even if you are playing a supporting role.  They will be encouraged by your support and have a positive outlook on their ability to reach the goal.  Also, you will be there to help them get back on track if they happen to falter along the way.  Remember that if they make a mistake they need to figure out how to correct it. and this is all a part of the process.

Children learn by example, so set some goals for yourself and let them see how you achieve them by being determined and focused.   Seeing you achieve your goals might just be the push start they need.

When teaching children about goal setting, don’t be too anxious; just start with small steps.  Make sure the first goal will stretch them but will not be too difficult.  This will help to boost their confidence, and they will feel happy about setting more challenging goals.  When approached in an interactive manner, goal setting can be a valuable tool in helping children gain self confidence and develop their problem solving skills.

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