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5 Challenges of brand new parents Saturday, March 12th, 2011

The anticipation of a new addition to the family is usually filled with great expectations. Every parent relishes the thought of seeing a new life and knowing they played a part in this miracle. Much preparation is put in place to welcome the new prince or princess to the family. However, the birth of a child brings both joy and challenges. This article was written to help prepare expecting or new parents understand the 5 challenges of brand new parents.

1. Change in daily routine
The newborn baby requires much care and attention. Your life may become an endless cycle of feeding, changing diapers, soothing your crying baby and putting him to sleep. Then there is the additional work of washing baby clothes, keeping bottles sterilized, making baby feed and image 49 5 Challenges of brand new parentspurchasing baby supplies. Before you know it, time swiftly passes by without the achievement of other family goals.

2. New parents emotion
The daily demands of the newborn may leave some mothers feeling a bit overwhelmed. They may feel that they cannot cope with the additional responsibilities and may even begin to resent the baby. Instead of being a bundle of joy, the newborn is now viewed as an unwanted intrusion. Some mothers experience a sense of guilt that they could feel indifferent towards their child.

3. Having little or no support from family or friends
The birth of a child will impact all your relationships including your friendships. Some friends may slowly drift away as your hectic schedule is no longer able to facilitate the friendship. Additionally, family members may not live in the same vicinity and therefore cannot offer the assistance new parents may require. Having a family member with you for the first couple weeks can be a source of great relief.

4. Changes in sleeping patterns
The truth is your newborn will not understand your sleeping needs. He will cry when he wants your attention even if it is just to hold him close. Therefore, brand new parents may find themselves deprived of sleep as they are sometimes awake at night with the little one. Sleep deprivation can leave persons feeling irritable and hard to get along with.

5. Partner Conflicts
The demands of the new addition to the family can negatively impact on the relationship between mother and father. If there is no agreement as to how the workload will be shared, one partner may start feeling that he or she is carrying the weight of taking care of the baby. This can sometimes lead to arguments and tension in the parental relationship.

The creation of a life is one of the biggest miracles in the world. While it is a great honor, it is also a big responsibility. Therefore, parents should be armed with information on how to manage the early days and weeks of a child’s life. The 5 challenges brand new parents face may be overcome with ample preparation. Understanding your needs and that of your newborn will help new parents to maintain that delicate family balance.









Should you request the gender from your pre-natal scan? Saturday, July 17th, 2010

jmn30139f1 300x257 Should you request the gender from your pre natal scan?Having a baby is a wonderful experience; there is so much expectation and anticipation, especially for the first time parents.  Emotions tend to be at their peak and sometimes there are so many “what if’s” involved.  One of the biggest is that parents want to know if they’re going to have a boy or a girl.  For some, just having a healthy child is enough, but for others, more wary of suspense, they want to know beforehand.  They then decide to request the gender from the pre-natal scan.  Whatever the rationale, this decision is a very personal one, but let’s look at some of the pros and cons.

It is helpful to know your baby’s gender so that you can easily decide on a name ahead of time. This way you can go through all the effort involved in choosing just the right name so that the baby can be named as soon as he/she is born.

Other ways in which this knowledge can help is when making practical preparations for your baby.  Decisions such as what color to decorate the nursery and buying gender specific clothes can all be done ahead of time, so there is no rush to do so after the baby is born.  This way, everything is organized and in place for the birth.

Finding out the gender can be useful if both parents have their heart set on a particular choice.  If it happens that they are not having what can be considered their first choice then at least they will be able to deal with any disappointment before the birth.  This is sure to make the birth experience a happy one as, hopefully, they would have settled on the fact that they will not be getting their wish this time around.

On the other hand, pre-natal scans are not 100% accurate.  There have been times when parents have been advised that their baby will be one gender, then, having spent money on gender specific clothes and nursery decorations, the baby has turned out to be of the other gender. Not so good if you have to do it all over again.

Finding out the gender can take some of the excitement out of the birth.  Some mothers have said that because they did not know the gender in advance, they appreciated the suspense and were very excited at the time of delivery. This would of course have been lost had they opted to find out the gender during the pre-natal scan.

The bottom line is that the decision is yours.  Whether it’s just for curiosity or preference there is no real benefit either way; it really depends on the persons involved.  Conflicts have arisen when one parent wants to know the gender and the other does not, and during pregnancy you can really do without such problems.  The parents who wait though, seem to think that, after 9 months, as long as their baby is healthy that’s all that matters and, after all, it’s not like you can return it if it’s not the gender you hoped for.

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