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Stay at home moms living their lives Monday, January 24th, 2011

It is a misconception that because stay home mothers don’t work, their lives are easier than others. The truth is mothers that stay at home work harder than the rest of us. The job of a stay-at-home mother doesn’t end when the shift is over. It is a 24-hour gig.

The life of a stay-at-home mom can be very rewarding. However, it can become unsettling if you have very little interaction with the outside world. You can overcome this by searching for other mothers in your same position. Networking with other stay at home moms can be an excellent outlet for venting and even help you find new friends. Making friends with another stay at home mom can make things easier for you by allowing your children to play together and sharing some of the load and also by sharing helpful tips. It is important that a stay at home mother always allow time for herself. Set aside the time to take yourself shopping or treat yourself to other types of rewards. This is essential to your mental and emotional state and it will help you be a better mother. Other stay-at-home moms can help you accomplish this.

Try keeping your home life with your children as fun as possible. It is unhealthy for a stay-at-home mom to focus all of their attention on chores and what their children are doing wrong. Sadly it is actually quite common and can leave you feeling trapped. The most important thing is to fulfill your child’s needs. Your children need much more than focus on their bad behavior. In reality, you are the first teacher that your child will ever have. If you handle this appropriately, you can also be the greatest teacher. A good stay-at-home mom will teach their children helpful skills like their alphabets, counting and writing.

image 33 Stay at home moms living their livesBeing a stay-at-home mom can help you relive some of your childhood. It is completely acceptable and even healthy for you watch cartoons with your children, play games, and read their favorite books to them. These are fun activities that can help you find enjoyment in staying at home.

The greatest benefit of staying home to raise your children is that you don’t miss any of your child’s firsts. You will not miss their first bike ride, their first step, their first words, or their first smile. These are the types of things that build a strong relationship between you and your child. Before long your children will be grown and you will wish you had not missed these things. Take advantage of the time that you have with them now.

Pre-school Birthday Party Ideas Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

276949859 a00fb364e0 300x246 Pre school Birthday Party IdeasBirthday parties are a great way to create memories.  No matter the age, children love being the center of attention, and a birthday party is a great way to make your little one the star attraction.  As you plan his birthday party, however, remember to make it age appropriate so that your child can be involved and enjoy it as much as possible.  Pre-schoolers will appreciate parties which are short (no more than one and a half hours) and focusing on a single recognizable theme.

It’s always easier to plan a birthday party if you have selected a theme or a party idea.  You may be inspired by your child’s favorite toy, cartoon or color.  Many pre-schoolers have favorite cartoon characters which often show up on the products parents select for their use.  If your child has more than one favorite, involve them in the selection of one or even two for a party theme.  Speak with your child and find out what theme they would like to have for their party.

Children are often attracted to cartoon characters which quickly become favorites.  Once you have decided on a theme, use it to decorate your venue and to select party items such as plates, cutlery, cakes and gift bags.  Your pre-schooler will be excited to see their selection all over the party venue.

Parties which have a sport or game theme are great for toddlers.  Children love to play games, and simple games can be a big part of making parties fun.  So plan a games pre-school party.  To allow children to compete in a fun way, you can organize them into groups and give prizes whether they win or not.  Popular pre-school party games are traffic lights, Simon says and musical chairs.

Have a craft party.  This can be as simple as coloring sheets or as complex as making their own necklaces.   Be sure to have enough helping hands to lend assistance to your small guests.  They can take their craft home with them to show mom and dad how much fun they had.

A costume party is also a great idea.  Pre-schoolers will get the opportunity to dress up as their favorite cartoon character and live out their fantasy.  Your decoration and party theme can reflect your toddler’s favorite costume.

You may also wish to plan a party around your child’s gender.  Your little princess may enjoy having a Cinderella or Barbie birthday party and your son may enjoy being the host of a superhero party.  Be sure to give their guests adequate notice so that they, too, can role play and have a great time.  These party ideas are sure to make your pre-schooler feel special.

A puppet party is also a great idea for a pre-school.  Source and hire a puppeteer who will liven up the party with a variety of puppet shows which will captivate your young party-goers.  The puppeteer can use your child’s favorite character in his puppet show.  Imagine the delight your child will experience.

As you select your theme for your toddler’s pre-school party, remember to plan activities he will enjoy.  After all, every birthday party should be remembered.

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