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5 Habits you wish your Teen would Develop Sunday, February 20th, 2011

As children age, they develop their own personality and way of doing things. Sometimes they learn habits from their friends or family and sometimes they develop on their own. Teenagers often do not pay enough attention to their diet or health. They may be influenced by friends or society. Dads often wish they could mold their children in to the good people they want them to be, but all they can do is be there with them as they grow. Fathers can influence a child’s habits by being an example and hoping they stick.

A good study routine is the key to a successful academic career. If a teen could get in the habit if coming home after school and completing his homework right away, his efforts will be rewarded. Students who sit down and take time to learn their lessons and complete their homework will perform better than students who rush through their studies so they can go do something else. Instill in your child at an early age the value of a good education.

Health is important. Good health is the only way to live a long and healthy life. Teenagers often spend their lunch hours eating cheese fries and pizza instead of a sandwich and some fruit. They are not as concerned with their health. However, if they knew what adults knew, they might consider picking up the apple instead of the french fry. Teenagers need to get in to the habit of making good food choices, so they can learn and carry that habit with them in to adulthood. An exercise routine will help your teen avoid one of the biggest killers today -obesity.

image 42 5 Habits you wish your Teen would DevelopTeenagers are bombarded with images of celebrity’s and models in magazines and on television. They come to expect those people as the normal standard for looks. Girls are especially affected by this. It is important for teenagers to develop a healthy self-image. A healthy self-esteem will lead to better choices in life and will teach teens that they can get attention in many positive ways. They do not need to show off their body or do things they would not normally do to get attention.

With all the temptations in the world, it is important for a teenager to be able to stand up for himself. There is such easy access to many different illegal substances these days that teens will be faced with many adult decisions before they are old enough to understand many of the consequences. They will be pressure to drink or have sex. If a father can make a child understand that being a leader will garner more respect than following the crowd, his children will be heading down a path to success.

Communication is key not only for teenagers, but for everyone. Often teenagers think they are invincible and can do anything. Being able to ask for help is a very impressive quality, something that some people struggle with. Teenagers should not be afraid to make mistakes. Valuable lessons are learned from mistakes.

If a father can instill all these habits in to his child’s life, then he has done a wonderful job as a father and his child will see much happiness and success.

5 Things that are Better Since you were their Age Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The world has changed a lot since today’s fathers were kids. We have seen many political changes and much technological advancement. Education is more accessible not only for men, but for women and minorities as well. The country is making great strides towards recognizing every citizen’s civil rights. Some things have changed for the worse, but there have been many things that have improved since dad was a teenager.

While it may not seem it sometimes, as a society we are more accepting of people’s differences. We are raising our children to recognize that while they may be a different color, gender, or nationality as someone else, they are still the same because they are all people. This is not to say there are not problems with racism or discrimination. Unfortunately, these evils still exist, but we have made great strides in the past 25 years. The disabled community is seeing a world that is becoming far more accessible, allowing them to persevere through their disability instead of being limited because of it.

The internet has been an amazing development. In recent years, it has become accessible to almost everyone, whether they have a computer at home or utilize the library or school computer labs. The internet opened up the world in terms of a social tool. People can communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Students are able to easier find resources for schoolwork. They can reference articles and information online instead of having to always hunt the information down in the library.

As with the internet, we have made many great technological advancements. This is not only great for communication, but also for work in scientific advancement. Scientists have more tools to perform experiments. Crime labs are able to more accurately identify DNA samples and other information. Students and professors can compare information and very easily identify plagiarism. The medical community is usingimage 41 5 Things that are Better Since you were their Age all the new technology to search to cures for many diseases.

There are far more opportunities now for a good education. In past years, many people graduated from high school and immediately got a job. Some students only completed eighth grade before they had to go work on the farm. That was not the case for everyone, but certainly now it is much easier for any willing person to attend college. Women and minorities are just as free and able to attend college. There are many scholarships available in many different arenas.

Despite all the great technological and social advancements we have made, one of the greatest improvements for a father is that he now has a family. All the years of hard work and commitment paid off. Dad was able to find a woman to love and who loves him back and they started a life together. He now has the joy of watching his children experience life with all the differences from when he was younger. Parents always say they want to give their children a better life than they had. Improvements in today’s society only makes that goal easier.

5 ways to show your teen that you love them Friday, December 31st, 2010

As your children age and become teenagers, they become less interested in their parents and more interested in their friends. As they start to venture out on their own more, there will be less quality time to spend with them. Despite the fact that your children would rather be hanging out with their friends, instead of eating dinner with their family, it is still very important for the children to know that they are loved and appreciated by their parents.

Continue to show affection to your child whenever you can. Even though days may be very busy, there is always time for a hug or a quick ‘how are you’? Say good morning to your child every single day. If there is time, sit down and have breakfast or a cup of juice with them. Tell them good night every single night. Even if they are already asleep, always go and say goodnight. It is so reassuring to know that whatever plans they may have that day, their parents are always there for them at the beginning and end of everything. Tell them you love them every day, multiple times a day, even if you are fighting and very mad at each other. You never know when you will lose the opportunity to express your love.

Talk to your children and encourage them to talk to you. While they may not want to share every detail of their lives, they need to know that you are there for them if they have a problem. Listen to them without making judgments or telling them why they are wrong. Try to understand their problem and consider solutions together. As a parent, if your child has done something wrong, there should be a image 20 5 ways to show your teen that you love themconsequence, but be sure to explain why they are being punished. Communication is the key to a solid relationship.

Always ask them questions about their plans. They may get annoyed when you ask them where they are going, with who, what they are doing, how they are getting there, why they are going there, and when they will be home, but in time they will understand that you only ask all these questions because you want to keep them safe. Sometimes children do not understand the risks out in the world, but eventually they will thank you for protecting them.

Help your child with their schoolwork and emphasise the value of a good education. While children do most of their academic learning at school, education can be further fostered at home. This is a great way to teach them time management and learn their strengths. It will prepare them for college and life.

Take an interest in your children. Ask them questions about their lives and be genuinely interested in their responses. Find out why they like the things they do and then go participate in the activity with them. Always express how you care about their interests and goals.

Generally, show your children you care at every opportunity. Try not to yell, and if you do lose your temper, take time later to talk to your child about why and how the situation could have been better handled. A teen will feel the most loved if they feel safe and appreciated in their own house, if they know that it is ok if they make mistakes, and if they are comfortable enough to seek advice for their problems from you.

What to do when the police knock on your door Friday, September 24th, 2010

When you become a parent you can expect many joyful moments raising a child, but their certainly are just as many surprises guiding a child and how you handle them will determine what type of parent and disciplinarian you desire to be. When children are smaller they get in trouble for trivial situations and it is merely a part of growing up and attempting to push boundaries. As children get older they continue to push those boundaries and it is the duty of the parent to decide if they will allow the child to continue breaking rules or not. Teenagers can end up in some troublesome scenarios and even get tangled up in the law or a visit to the principal’s office, and just as a precaution every parent should know what to do when the police knock on your door.

The first thing is not to panic even though that may seem like an instant reaction that is unpreventable, you must keep your composure and be realistic about the situation. It is imperative to remain calm and listen to what the police officers have to relay to you as the parent as there will be plenty of time to react later. Depending on the complexity of what your child has engaged in to get into trouble, being angry and thinking irrationally will get you nowhere. Naturally, every parent in this situation will be upset, angry and even sad, but formulating a plan to repair the situation is the priority at this time.

image What to do when the police knock on your door
Before you consult with your child regarding the occurrence, you need to retrace their steps when the trouble began. If your child went out with friends yesterday and engaged in some form of mischief, then think about how they acted and presented themselves to you prior to leaving the house that day. If they appeared worried or not themselves then you know they anticipated the event taking place prior to leaving. That is the best case scenario for a parent to work with, this implies that your child knew what they were getting into and still went which provides you with a base to discuss the issue. Speak to them regarding better decision making skills and how important it is to surround themselves with people that don’t place them in those types of situations. Formulate a plan of consequences that is firm enough to ensure this type of activity doesn’t occur again. It’s one thing to have your child fight with their siblings or another child in school, it’s a completely different ballgame when the police are involved and they come to your home.

The route of discipline you elect to take will set the tone for how often your child will be likely to engage in such activity later down the line. It will also make a statement for any younger siblings living in the home to not mirror such behavior as it will not be tolerated. It is completely normal for all children to push limits and in many cases it is cry for attention. Spend more time with your child and try to always talk to them openly and voice their concerns regarding peer pressure and how to avoid becoming a victim of it.

Understanding your Teenage Child Sunday, August 8th, 2010

8318 130052469077 83761889077 2334722 6759777 n 300x225 Understanding your Teenage ChildThere are many different things that happen to a person when they are a teenager. A lot of adults and parents will find that once their child reaches the age of around 13 or 14, they will start to become a little moody and will be much more difficult to handle. A lot of parents don’t really handle their teenage children in a good way, and will often get angry with them if they are not doing as they are told or are being moody. We have to remember however, that the teenager cannot help this; this is due to a change inside the childs body. Basically, being a teenager is the process that we all need to go through in order to become an adult, so of course there will be many changes.

At this fragile age, the teenager’s brains are still developing, especially in terms of reasoning skills and skills that allow them to make sense of everything. We must remember that we all had to go through this difficult time and that it is not as easy as we may remember.

One of the main things that you will notice when your child becomes a teenagers is that it will seem like they have become lazy and will often sleep well into the day. Although this might look to us adults like your child has just decided not to do anything with his/her time, it cannot be helped. On average, teenagers will need around 9 and a half hours sleep per night, this is much more than a fully developed adult needs and it is due to the cognitive development of the brain.

So before you ‘have a go’ at your child for being moody or for staying in bed until the early hours of the afternoon, just remember that you need to treat them in a fragile manner.

Why Computer Skills are Important to Your Teenager Thursday, June 17th, 2010

beginners computer training class 300x200 Why Computer Skills are Important to Your TeenagerMost teenagers will glue themselves to their computers every chance they get.  There are hundreds of reasons why a teenager should be using the computer.  Some of these reasons you embrace and others you do not.

Schools everywhere are teaching children how to use computers, sometimes as early as kindergarten.  When we were growing up, we saw AOL as nothing more than an elaborate telephone call.  However, computers are the way of the future and having your child know how to use one is crucial.

Due to schools weighing heavy on computer usage, many students are left without a choice when it comes to doing a specific assignment on a computer.  This day and age, teens are expected to know how to write assignments, take notes, do research, and even create Power Point presentations.  Aside from all this, the reasons for teens needing to know how to use computers are endless.

With the use of the computer a teenager can make very professional quality presentations due to the versatility of Power Point.  Using photos, moving text, and sound effects to get the most out of their presentation and audience has become an important aspect to living in the business world.

The Internet also creates a plethora of information, social networking, gaming, and access to just about anything imaginable.  Using sites like MySpace, FaceBook, sending emails, instant messaging, file sharing, and countless other things on the Web can keep the attention of a teenager for hours on end and it gets them away from the television as an added bonus.

Always remember to teach your children about Internet safety.  Only visit trustworthy sites, talk only to people they know in chatrooms, and remind them people can be anything they want to be on the Web and the “never talk to strangers” still applies even if you can’t see them.

Computers can also help teenagers find part time work or internships.  It can also give them insight to just about any career interest they might have.

Computers have reformatted our entire society and teens need to be able to use them in order to survive in what the world will become.  They have changed, or are changing, everything we know and it only benefits someone to know how to use one.

Computers are a very necessary part of life these days and teens need to be able to use them in order to lead rich, fulfilled lives.

When is it Time for Your Child to Embrace a Tutor? Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

How do you know when atutor 240x300 When is it Time for Your Child to Embrace a Tutor? tutor is needed?  What are the defining characteristics of a tutor?  A tutor can best be defined as a teacher that specializes in a specific area of interest, who usually has a teaching certification.  Teachers often become tutors whether to help a struggling student, earn some extra money, or aid a flourishing pupil to evolve to their full potential.  However, tutors can be anywhere from family members to students or teaching professionals.

You will find two major examples of when getting a tutor is a good road to take.  If you find a child is struggling to understand a certain subject at school or can’t grasp what is being taught in class, then you will need to discuss getting them some help.  If you see a child doing homework that was assigned and you observe them not knowing answers to any of the questions, it is also a good indication that help might be needed in the form of a tutor.

This can be a tricky process because most kids are going to be embarrassed or self conscious about not understanding it.  This can happen at home or in the class with fellow students.  This is one of the many reasons a tutor can make such an impact because they can give a child the confidence to find the answer without any expectation.  This allows their mind to open and grow as it should.

The other example of when a tutor is a good idea is just the opposite.  If you see a child excelling in a specific subject, then it is a good idea to fuel that fire as much as possible.  Whether it’s science, math, music, language or whatever, it is important to realize that the sky is the limit.  If a child becomes bored in class because they already know what is being taught, they can become disinterested or even disruptive.  Intelligent children don’t stay bored very long because they often find ways to keep themselves entertained.  It is important to channel this focus on something positive, and a tutor can do just that.

Finding a good tutor can prove to be difficult, however, if you look in the right places you will find many viable options.  Aside from finding someone with the proper qualifications, you also need someone that will mesh well with your child.  Start this search by asking other parents or teachers.  Word of mouth can be a great way to get good references.  Check the local classified section of the local newspaper or even the Web.

If you do decide to take the route of using a tutor, remember to explore all your available avenues before making a final decision.  There are limitless options, including tutoring agencies that regulate the whole process for you with professional services – from onsite teaching to structured pay schedules.  No matter what you choose, make sure it is a good fit for your child – that is the most important element.

Dealing with Teenagers Saturday, June 5th, 2010

 Dealing with Teenagers

Firstly, whenever you try and discuss and issues or conflicts with your teenage child, you need to make sure that you do so in a positive way; this means trying your best not to lose your temper. Although this might sometimes be hard, it is always much better to ‘negotiate’ with your teenager and to compromise and find a reasonable solution for the both of you than shouting at one another for hours, and never getting close to solving any of the problems that you set out to solve.

Another thing you should do is to show them that you know how they feel and sympathise with them. If you don’t do this, and you tell them to simply ‘get their act together and stop being lazy’ for instance, then you will more than likely alienate yourself from your son/daughter and more, and once again, you will come no closer to finding out what is bothering your teenager.

Although these are just a few of the things you can do to help create a better understanding between your teenage son/daughter and yourself, there are of course many more, such as choosing a good time to talk to them. What we have mentioned in this article may seem like common sense, but although this may be the case, we still tend to forget them and let our own emotions get in the way.

Keeping Your Teenager Busy Monday, May 17th, 2010

It turns out that the old adage “idle hands are the devil’s playground” really is true. If you want to keep your teenager out of trouble – keep them busy!

Teenagers need more in their lives than school, video games, and Facebook. They need activities that develop their sense of self, their sense of fair play, and engage their mind and body. They need to physically move and mentally exercise, and the chances are good that they’re not going to take the first step to get involved in anything. You’ll need to help them.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you schedule your child from sunup to sundown. Teens need activities, but they also need time to themselves, to do the things that they choose (within reason, of course). If you don’t give them room to choose, to make mistakes, they’ll never learn what they need to learn to be functional adults. Part of parenting a teen is walking that fine line between doing too much and not doing enough.

Watch your child, and find out what their natural inclinations are. Are they sports-oriented, or do they gravitate toward the arts? Sports minded children will probably gravitate toward soccer, lacrosse, basketball, softball, etc., while kids who enjoy the arts might find enjoyment in dance or creative movement, or acting classes.

Music classes are an excellent outlet for most children; Shinzo Suzuki’s outstanding philosophy on the teaching of music looks at music as something that every child can acquire and enjoy. Vocal or instrumental, any sort of musical endeavor will boost concentration, mathematic skills, and self-esteem.

Martial arts teach more than just self-defense. Respect for self and others, concentration, self-discipline and motivation are all instilled from a good sensei, and parents all of the the world have reported that surly, hard to handle children become transformed after their experiences in martial arts.

If you’re already the parent of a busy teen, good for you; instead of encouraging your child to get involved, you’re going to have to keep an eye out for fatigue. If your child begins to have trouble with academics, doesn’t get enough sleep, or seems to shortchange themselves on nutrition because they’re always on the run, you may find yourself having to make an executive decision. Again – walk that line between too little and too much.

Keeping your teenager engaged and busy can, while difficult, provide so many rewards for you and your child. Help your child choose his activities wisely, and watch him reap the benefits.

Dads and Teenagers Sunday, April 25th, 2010

A Guest Post:

Dare I say, welcome to hell! This is probably the most difficult stage of any person’s development. Geeks, freaks, nerds and weirdo are just some words that will be a part of your teenagers’ vocabulary. Get used to it. Today’s parents are in for an even greater shock- technology! So, dad, when you were in high school, you got a girl’s number and call her at a reasonable time and spent a reasonable time talking on the pone. You dreaded the thought of meeting her parents and so on. You were probably familiar with the terms “high school jocks”, “popular kids”, “cheerleaders” and the list goes on. Do you also remember teasing or being teased? Think about all the above and take the time to deal with your children the way you would have loved for your parents to have dealt with you.

Fathers of teenagers who are on the verge of manhood and womanhood are so important. You probably feel like it is now time, for you, to go off and be free of the burdens of raising kids? Think again! They may not need you to be home but they need rules and curfew that still ensure that they are home even if you are not. They now need you to lead by example. Remember your daughter will be looking for or having a boyfriend and your son might want to take some girl home. How will you feel if they say but dad you do it too? You don’t have to give yourself a curfew but be reasonable in your ins and outs. If you are not married, the dating world may not be the best place for you now. These children will want to do as you do. The “Do as I say but not as I Do” principle will not apply to you.

Daddy of teenagers must be a permanent confidant. Yes, they will ignore you but when your daughter confides that she is secretly attracted to your neighbor’s son, keep that secret safe at least for a while. Do not violate that trust and say something to her mom or your very friendly neighbor and drinking buddy. She will not trust you if you let this out. You can hold on to some things as long as they are not detrimental. Do note that if your child confides in you something illegal, the right thing to do is report it to the proper authorities. You must discuss the position your child has put you in though. If you fear the child may abscond, report it secretly and be a subtle as you can with bringing law enforcement into your own.

The high school years can be tough. When children are left to be an adult but remain a child, they become confused. Be ready to guide those kids. What teenagers face in high school will prepare them for life. Fathers’ role in this stage of development will determine how they deal with their kids at this stage later on. Be strong and admit when you may be wrong.

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