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Why You Should Consider Limiting the Amount of T.V. Your Child Watches Sunday, July 25th, 2010

tv 300x201 Why You Should Consider Limiting the Amount of T.V. Your Child WatchesThe concept of TV seems harmless. In fact, how many of us are guilty of allowing our children to watch TV all day without engaging them in other activities? It seems easier to have the TV entertain our kids while we do a million and one activities around the house. But how much thought is given to the harmful effects that TV has on our children’s development?

TV has a large impact on the development of intelligence. Research shows that it interferes with the development of thinking abilities and imagination.  This is largely due to the fact that learning from TV does not require much mental effort to process what is learned. Unlike reading a book which takes the mental ability to process what is read and interpret and apply. Additionally, children that have been socialized to watch a lot of TV tend to read less as they are used to being given information from the television. In other words, they are being given information in an oversimplified way.

Allowing kids to use other resources in entertaining themselves can enhance their imaginations. This is because they have the chance to think about what is they are doing. For instance, if you read them a story, they have to visualize the content in order to grasp what is happening. Even spending time outdoors can achieve this as they have the opportunity to explore and think about the scenery. Encouraging a child’s imagination is very important to their adult years as it teaches them to be resourceful and may help with them succeeding.

TV has two stimuli which are sound and image. When children are constantly exposed to only sound and image, they get used to this environment and will expect it in other environments. One such environment is school. School however will entail public speaking, listening, reading, and thinking. These activities may not be as stimulating as what the child is used to when watching TV. As a result boredom is a side-effect.

Speaking skills will also go underdeveloped when too much time is spent watching TV. Hearing new words from TV is not comparable to speaking and learning to articulate. Spending time watching TV limits the amount of time spent talking and relating. You should make an effort to talk to your child by having discussions. Discussing issues and asking them questions will enable them to think and articulate their thoughts better than a child that just sits and watches TV all day.

Excessively placing your child in front of the TV has an adverse effect on social skills. Other than the fact that a lot of research has proven that certain kinds of TV shows encourage aggressive behavior, another effect is the lack of ability to relate to others. Frequent and positive interaction with not just peers but persons of different ages, will better prepare your child for adulthood. They will be able to socialize and communicate with a diversity of individuals. This skill is necessary for networking and future career advancements.

In conclusion, it is apparent that excessive TV watching can interfere with your child’s progress in terms of intelligence and social skills. With this in mind, it is recommended that a limit be posed on TV viewing and more time be spent on social and intellectual activities.

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