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Choosing a High School

Your child will spend many years in high school and it will affect their grades, the colleges they can choose, university options and ultimately their career. So choosing a high school is of the highest importance.

So, where do you begin? Well the first decision is a philosophical one – do you educate your child in the public system, the private school or do you educate them at home?

There are pros and cons for all of them and the decision will more likely be influenced by your world view, financial status and your education level. It will also be shaped by your experiences to date. If you have home schooled to this point you will be aware of your child’s abilities and self discipline. If you have had a positive or negative experience of the private or public sector, this will weigh heavily one way or the other.

It is certainly a good idea to invite your child into the discussion although you will need to be aware that they will put great weight on the future schools of their friends.

Some specific questions to consider would include:

  • Have you the capability to teach them at home – have you the time and the flexibility?
  • Are you financially able to consider private education – are there scholarships available?
  • Does your child need social interactivity to thrive or are they often involved in bullying situations – at either ‘end’ of the process?image 23 Choosing a High School
  • How important is sport to them?
  • Are they able to study unsupervised?
  • How far do you live from your preferred high school – how long will it take each day to travel?
  • How influential is your family’s faith in considering high school education?

There is no always right or always wrong answer. Your decision may be very different to your neighbour, to your friends – it might even differ from child to child.

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