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Conquering your child’s concerns and overcoming the fear of the dentist

If you have a child that needs help overcoming the fear of the dentist, and then trust that you are not alone as many children have the same fear as well as some adults. The dentist can be an intimidating place for a little one if you put yourself in their frame of mind for just a minute. For example, a child enters the dentist’s office and to begin with they typically are not as welcoming with toys spread out and books for little ones to read. Secondly, a child sits in the reception area and can hear noises from drills and other types of dental equipment that are loud and can be quite frightening to a child. By the time the child sits in the dental chair to be examined they are already a bit scared and are being told to open their mouth so the doctor can poke around in it with pointy-looking utensils…all in all most children have many reasons to be intimidated about going to the dentist.

The first step to overcoming the fear of the dentist is to explain to your child realistically why they are there. Getting your teeth cleaned is typically not a painful process whatsoever, show your little one at home what the dentist will do with flossing and cleaning their teeth with a “special dentist toothbrush” and remind them of the mouth rinse options they will be given at the end of their visit as most dentists possess washes for kids that are flavored and even colored. image 19 Conquering your childs concerns and overcoming the fear of the dentist

Next you should always expect the worst possible scenario when taking your child to the dentist to not be disappointed as their parent and also to be prepared. If the child is small and under the age of seven or so, you can always take along a small toy or comfort item for the child such as a small stuffed animal for them to embrace while sitting in the chair. If the child is of preschool age this can be a truly fun activity for the little ones to get their “teddy bear’s teeth cleaned” as well. The child results in focusing their empathy for the teddy bear and forgets about their own fear of the dentist which is essentially the perfect situation.

Find a pediatric dentist in your area if you have one available as those ones are more prone to adapting to children with such fears and they also usually have more child-friendly rooms and décor to soothe their smaller patients. If the child is older, even a teenager you may want to speak to them more directly about the issue as shortly they will be adults and have to endure such treatments on their own. Ask your teen what their fear may be and even have them consult with a dentist prior to the appointment in an office setting to address their concerns and have a relationship started with the dentist prior to the treatments. Going to the dentist is a part of life that everyone has to accept eventually to maintain healthy teeth, continue to work with your child to set their fears at ease and the more visits they get under their belt the easier it will be for them to adapt to attending such medical treatments without any fears at all.

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