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Dealing with Birthmarks in Children

So called ‘stork marks’ – a triangular red mark on the forehead and another red mark at the back of the neck – are very common, but fade over a few months and do not need treatment.

Strawberry naevi may grow over the first year or two but will have shrunk markedly by the time your child is seven years old. Parents are often alarmed by these as they can be a considerable size and can be raised up from the skin. However, unless they are causing secondary problems such as pressure on other tissuimage 12 Dealing with Birthmarks in Childrenes, it is better simply to wait for them to resolve on their own.

Port wine stains do not fade, but depending on the site and the size may be amenable to plastic surgery. They are flat and often a deep red colour.

In babies with dark skin there may be a pigmented area at the bottom of the back. These bruise-like marks are called Mongolian blue spots. Again they will fade in time but may take up to two years.

Babies may also have brown birthmarks like moles varying in size from a millimetre or two to a centimetre or more. They may also be hairy. These do not disappear.

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