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Dealing With Sexual Images In the Media

Sex and sexual images on television, movies, in magazines and music have become more and more commonplace. It is becoming increasingly hard for a parent to prevent their children form viewing or taking in these images because it seems like they are everywhere, even in commercials and on billboards. Sitcoms, even those aimed at young teens, are laced with sexual suggestions and heavy petting. Even if a parent forbade all television watching, young persons will likely just watch them at their friends’ homes. So what is a parent to do?

It is a good idea to filter out as much as possible. Encourage teens and young people to watch wholesome television congruent with their values. Also sit down and watch television with them and discuss some of the conversations and images. Take experiences from your own life and explain why certain situations like dressing in a sexually provocative manner and premature sex should be avoided. This is a time to be open with your kids (within reason). They will be able to learn with you.

However, in order for this to have an impact, you must have a relationship with your kids. Engage with them, do activities with them, get to know their friends, ask about their day and get them involved in activities where their strengths can shine. Feeling good about themselves and having confidence will enable them to stand strong and make their own decisions when it comes to sex. They will also be less influenced by the sexual images that they see portrayed on t.v., movies and in music.

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