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Do they really listen?

Often times, it seems that our children pay no attention to what we are saying. I can talk for hours on end, instructing them something they need to do. Time and time again, I will find that they did not actually complete the task which they were told. Most of these times, they will tell me they forgot, or that I never commanded for them do any such thing. These recurring situations make me furious, as I feel they never actually listen to what they are saying.

My teenagers especially have caused me this form of ailment. Each one, after being granted with a vehicle, was warned of their curfew prior to receiving their license. However, each of my kids has failed to follow this order, each returning home tardy on multiple occasions.

After dealing with this for years, I have found that, in actuality, our kids choose not to listen. With this capacity for selective hearing, they find it easy to make excuses when they infringe on our orders. With this in mind, any parent would inquire as to how they could enforce their instructions with added stability, to ensure that our children actually consume the purpose of our conversation.

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One Response to “Do they really listen?”

  1. Serena Jones-McGregor says:

    I’ve been told more than once that I’m a strict parent. Lately I’ve recognized that some of my ways weren’t always the best solution. But I have to say, the one thing I’ve implemented that I intend to continue is that my girls are not allowed to say, “I forgot”. For a solid year that was the excuse for EVERYTHING! LOL The can say, “It slipped my mind”, just not forgot.


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