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Does America Ignore It’s Youth?

One web author at is purporting that America is ignoring its’ youth and to the detriment of both young people and the country. He believes that the power structure of the United States gives most of the decision making power and credence to the middle aged. However, he points out that young people have participated in many social movements in the United States and continue to do so online and offline. He mentions several young people and groups that are making a difference in our country. They include Joseph P. Lash, American Army of Two and Barbara Rose Johns.

The author at talks briefly about national youth organizations in other countries including the National Youth Council of Singapore, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Sanggunuang Kabataan.

These are several really good points. Often times, our culture has a mentality that excludes young people in the decision making process. If they are not eligible to vote, politicians really do not care what they have to say. This is too bad, who better to talk about issues important to them, then the teens and youth themselves. Also, because they will be one day running the country it is best to get them used to the process and used to being engaged.

Many older people complain about young people being apathetic. This may be in part because they don’t have really any training or interest in political matters while growing up. Once they become voting age, a flip doesn’t typically switch and these same people who have never thought about politics will not suddenly begin to. One way to change this is to engage kids at home. Ask them about their beliefs and feelings on the issues facing our country. Ask them what they would do differently and then encourage them to get involved. This might include something as simple as starting a blog about something that is important to them or volunteering for a political campaign.

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