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Double standards of society?

Nancy Brown, in a recent post entitled Birth Control in Middle School made the following comment.

It amazes me that the same society that sexualizes young girls, sells every product known to humankind with sexuality, and encourages young girls to fixate on their appearance and sex appeal, finds providing the healthcare required by the consequences of those activities inappropriate and a violation of parental rights.

I’ll tell you what is a violation of my rights as a parent – that I cannot protect my children from exposure to sexuality, drugs, alcohol, and smoking without limiting their freedom. All I can do as a parent is talk to them, and mitigate the perception that “everyone” is doing it, and that participation in those risky activities is the way to become popular, successful, and strong.

The concluding paragraph needs to be both applauded and the challenge considered by individuals, groups and society as a whole.

Well said Nancy!

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