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Exams Cause Stress For Parents Too

There is a great post over at Parenting Ideas that talks about exam stress – for us parents!. Here is the opening paragraph:

When it comes to exams, or indeed any academic work, parents feel that they should be encouraging their teen to try hard and do well. The problem is that in trying to achieve this, many parents end up causing stress either for themselves, their teen or both.

I would encourage you to bookmark it and have it on file for when the next set of exams come your way.

One Response to “Exams Cause Stress For Parents Too”

  1. Aurelia says:

    I love your blog and admire all of the hard work that you are doing in keeping so many great resources together.

    Thank you for the link to that post! It is so true that many parents experience extreme stress during testing, SAT and exam time with our teenagers.


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