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Find them doing something good

Stacey raises a very valid point that we often overlook:

But I have to tell you, there are a lot of great kids and teenagers out there, too. Children who care about their families, their goals, their grades, their behaviour, their reputation, their community, their work ethic. Kids who are actively creating a balanced, successful and conscientious life for themselves.

There are heaps of teenagers that want to do the right thing but they get swamped by the high maintenance young people who seem to be constantly pushing the boundaries.

Why not, this week, take a concept that I originally heard of in a business management book where Ken Blanchard talked about trying to find people doing something good. Give that a try with your teenagers – actively look for them doing or saying something positive this week, and when you spot it ensure that you comment on it to them. The benefit will be an improved self esteem, a healthier relationship and greater harmony in your home.

All for free! Juts for noticing and commenting on good behaviour rather than our natural ability to spot errors and mistakes – and we rarely fail to comment on those.

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