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Five Indicators Your Child Is Being Bullied

Just as an animal is protective of his young so are parents equally protective of their children. However, parents are not able to supervise their children every minute of the day. There are many things that can happen to your child while he or she is out of your sight. Bullying is one of the things that may occur and your child may be scared to let you this is happening. This usually occurs when your child has been intimidated into silence. Knowing this, we have prepared this article to help you identify the 5 indicators your child is being bullied. This will help you to handle your child’s self-imposed silence and decisively address the problem.

1. Unexplainable fear of going to school
A child who is being bullied may be afraid of going to school because he wants to avoid the trauma that will be experienced at the hand of a bully or several bullies. Your child may express a reluctance to participate in extracurricular activities available at his school. He or she may claim a disinterest in becoming involved and prefers to get home immediately after school.

2. Unexplained cuts and bruises
A child who is being bullied may return home with frequent cuts and bruises which cannot be explained. On the other hand, the explanation provided for the cuts may not seem logical and the story may have several gaps. Frequent cuts and scratches is an indicator that something is wrong and should be investigated with the school’s administration.

image 51 Five Indicators Your Child Is Being Bullied

3. Unkempt appearance and missing school items
A child who arrives home with torn clothing or missing belongings may be suffering the effects of bullying. Bullies tend to physically harass their victims and forcefully take away items which belong to the victim. This is a way to reinforce the victim’s helplessness and cause the child to be in a constant state of fear.

4. Nightmares or sleeping problems
The trauma that a child experiences when he or she is being bullied may manifest itself in irregular sleep patterns and even nightmares. Some children may be so affected that they start to wet their beds during sleep. While the child is sleeping, he may be reliving the bullying experience and become even more disturbed.

5. Developing strange habits
Since the child who is being bullied wants to avoid confrontation, he or she may seem hesitant or afraid to walk to and from school and take longer routes to get from home to school. Additionally, he or she may not want to take the school bus and find every excuse to use another form of transportation.

Bullying is real and its effects can be detrimental to your child’s physical and mental well-being. Therefore, knowing the signs of bullying is critical for every parent. The 5 indicators your child is being
bullied should help to open your eyes to this challenge of childhood. There are other indicators but the 5 indicators your child is being bullied found in this article will help you on your way to further research.

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  1. Diana says:

    These are definitely some indicators of bullying. Today kids are also taking bullying to the net. Any tips for checking if my child is being cyber-bullied?


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