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Five Ways To Get Your Child To Do Their Chores

Have you ever struggled with getting your children to do the simplest chore? Do you find it frustrating running behind them to ensure the task is done? If you have answered yes to these questions then this article was written just for you. In this article, you will find 5 ways to get your child to do their chores. It is important to know that assigning chores to your child is a way of helping them to assume responsibility. Therefore, getting your child to do chores is important to his development as a person.

1. Help your child to understand the purpose of doing chores

Spending time to talk with your child on the value of chores to his life will change his or her view of the task. Instead of seeing doing chores as unwanted work, your child will understand the life skills which can be developed from doing assigned tasks. These skills include responsibility, contribution and competence among others.

2. Create a chart or checklist image 45 Five Ways To Get Your Child To Do Their Chores

This will include the days of the week and the chores assigned to each day. You can get your child’s involvement in making the checklist creative. To make it fun, they can place colorful stickers on the tasks which they have completed. They can choose the stickers they want purchased or they can create their own. This exercise will create a feeling of ownership in your child.

3. Design a reward system

Even though you may not want the child to feel that he is being paid to do his chores, you certainly want to create a sense of reward for a job well done. Giving your child a weekly allowance will stimulate motivation. Additionally, your child will have some spending money to buy small items. This gives you a great opportunity to teach your child how to manage money.

4. Make chores a family and fun event

There are some chores which can be done as a family unit. This brings a sense of oneness as the family works together to achieve the same goal. It also provides an atmosphere of bonding and interaction between family members. Making the experience fun is one way of creating good and lasting memories. It will also help to reinforce the belief that work can be fun.

5. Let your child know the consequences of not completing chores

Helping your child to understand the consequences of his action is an important lesson. Your child needs to know that if the chores are not done, then he will be restricted from his recreational activities and lose his allowance. If he is unable to complete a task, he needs to let you know or make other arrangements to have the task completed.

Getting your child to chores does not have to be a fighting match or a frustrating experience. You can use a combination of the 5 ways to get your child to do their chores as a starting point. There are other resources available which can offer more information and guide you in this area. You can incorporate the 5 ways to get your child to do their chores with other information for a full program.

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