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Five Ways To Keep Your Child Safe Online

Parenting can be challenging in this technological age. With the introduction of the Internet, people and knowledge have become far more accessible. The world has become much smaller and people are able to communicate with each other across many miles. With this being the case, you will want to take steps to protect your child from getting hurt in cyberspace. This article contains 5 ways to keep your child safe online.

1. Place the computer in a central location in the house
By doing this, you can randomly scrutinize what you child is doing while he is ‘surfing the net’. A child is less likely to visit certain sites when there is constant traffic moving in and out of the room. Periodically, you can glance on the screen or stop to ask your child questions about the site he is visiting. The danger lies in placing computers in their rooms where they can visit any site at will without supervision.

2. Periodically check the browser history
The browser history contains all the sites your child has visited. Therefore, you are able to know if your child has been visiting any undesirable sites by checking the browser. If you realize that information has been deleted from the browser history then this may be an indication that your child has been visiting sites that he does not want you to know about. This is a good time to speak with your child heart to heart.

3. Install Software
There are programs available which can regulate the length of time your child spends on the Internet and when and where they can visit. There are other programs which can block sites and disable pop ups designed to direct people to certain sites. Purchasing software that can remove cookies which have attached themselves to your hard drive is also a good idea.

4. Monitor chat room and social networking activities
It is important for you to know who your child is interacting with when he or she is in a chat room. You can do this by keeping an eye on the line image 46 Five Ways To Keep Your Child Safe Onlineof conversation. If your child wants to use social networking sites, you can use it as an opportunity to help him or her create the social network page. In this way, you will access to your child’s log in information and can monitor their activity.

5. Talk to your child about the dangers of Internet use
While you may try to protect the child at home, it is highly possible that he or she may opt to use computers elsewhere. Therefore, it is vital to speak frankly with your child about responsible Internet use. You will need to reiterate the importance of privacy (not giving out personal details) and adding only friends they know to their social network page. Above all, they should not respond to requests from strangers.

Keeping your child safe is one of the top priorities of parenting. With the advancement of technology, children have become at risk while on the Internet. Therefore, parents will have to become proactive in protecting their children from undesirable material or unwanted advances from strangers online. This article has provided 5 ways to keep your child safe online which should help you to start the process.

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