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Giving Paracetamol to Your Sick Child)

- Follow the instructions on the bottle
Give paracetamol in the dose recommended for the age of the child.

- Never run out of paracetamol
Children often become ill at night so make sure your medicine cabinet is stocked up.

- Repeat the dose
Paracetamol will last at best for six hours but usually for three or four. However, don’t exceed the recommended dose for a 24-hour period as instructed on the bottle.

- Never wait for a doctor to come before giving paracetamol
Children may well seem normal an hour after a dose of paracetamol even when they were quite unwell before. This is often why they seem better as soon as the doctor arrives! However, doctors want to assess the illness, not the fever and it can often be easier for a doctor to assess a child who has had paracetamol.

- Don’t give aspirin to the under 12s image 10 Giving Paracetamol to Your Sick Child)
Paracetamol is safer.

- Give plenty of fluids
If you have ever had a fever yourself you will know that it upsets your appetite. We can all cope for a few days, even young children, without our normal food intake. We cannot cope without water, however, and a fever means that we lose even more by sweating. So drinks in any form will do. You may need to be patient with young children as they may not want to drink but you must keep trying even if this means patiently giving the drinks from a spoon. Avoid high sugar drinks with tummy bugs.

- Be prepared to nurse your child during the night if need be

Their temperature may fluctuate up and down. If there are two of you take it in turns. If you are on your own try to get a relative to help during the day. Nursing a sick child can be exhausting.

- Avoid wrapping the child up in blankets Keep the room reasonably cool and the child in light clothing. Blankets or a duvet could make the temperature worse.

Please refer all issues to your medical advisor – this article provides a guide only.

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