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Good kids at the bowling lanes

Here is another good news story about young people, another occasion for their mothers and fathers to smile and feel all warm inside.

I don’t put these here to make you feel bad if your kids don’t do this stuff – but to give you hope that not all young people create negativity – now if you could persuade your son or daughter to hag out with good kids!

Rolla resident Dan Phillips writes that he was pleasantly surprised when he took his two daughters, 7 and 5 along with a friend, bowling last Monday, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Writes Phillips, “When we started our second game, a group of teenagers began bowling next to us. The group was bowling next image 40 Good kids at the bowling lanesto us for almost an hour and it occurred to me that I did not hear a single swear word or sexual innuendo. They were not rude or loud. They were just great young people.

“In a world filled with the negative thoughts and notions about teenagers, I just wanted to say thanks to Adam, Cody, Cat, Nat and Burt (names from their scoring screen) for their wholesome behavior.

“I wish more young people followed their example.”

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