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good parenting 2 300x289 Good ParentingLet’s face it, parenting can be a chore but a rewarding chore. But not everyone is prepared to be a parent. Well usually no one is prepared to be a parent. Handling another life and raising them takes guts, brains, patience, and a lot of knowledge. If you’re reading this you obviously want the latter. Below are just a few basic good parenting methods you should begin using. They are proven to work.

Teach Them Independence

From a young age you should be teaching your children how to be independent. They should learn about the world and be exposed to its activities. Sheltering your child too much will leave him vulnerable and helpless in the future. While I will say you don’t have to let them get too much exposure you should moderate what they learn, watch, read, and use. There is a reason games are rated. There is a reason T.V. shows are rated. Pay attention to them!

Teach Them Often

Children always have questions, but they don’t always voice them. Teach them without asking. Explain things and show them what is what and which is which. Tell them differences and comparisons. You should let your child learn on their own but offer assistance if you see they might need it. However remember to always ask first. Your child might get things very quickly and not need your help at that time.

Show Them Love

Always show your children that you love them. Children from an early age to their teens need to be shown love. Hug them, kiss them, and take them with you on trips. Talk about life, things, and news. Voice opinions and even have a few debates. Connect with your child to make an everlasting impression of love. Love is what makes the world go round and love is what will ensure your child a happy and successful life.

Look The Other Way

Sometimes your child will say or do things you dislike or feel is completely wrong. However your child is simply voicing or expressing himself. If you take that away from them, they will retaliate. Instead just look the other way and focus on the good qualities of your child. Compliment your child and let them know what they are doing or saying is impressive or admirable.


Respect is not always a given. If you do not respect your children and how can you expect them to respect you? Respect is a two way street. It needs to be given to be received. Don’t do something or say something to your child that you wouldn’t want your child to do or say. Remember that you are the example and they look up to you. If they feel they are just being disrespected consistently they will do the same back.

Good parenting doesn’t come fast or easy; However, you can learn it. Use what I have written and see the results. Change and modify if needed.

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