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Helping Young People Be Creative

Children and teenagers have different personalities and strengths. Some children are math and science whizzes while other ones are very artistic and creative. It is important to place your child in activities that allow them to build on those strengths. For creative young people there are many things that you can do to stroke that creativity. Here are some ideas:

a. Get them involved in youth theatre: Youth theatre is great way to help young people be creative. They can immerse themselves in different characters. It also allows them to also be around other kids that share their interests.
b. Enroll them in some local art courses: Many cities or local YMCA’s will have some sort of art courses for children in the community at affordable prices. Check your city’s website and see what they have to offer.
c. Enroll them in creative writing courses: Creative writing courses really allow children to explore their creative side. It places them in a situation where they are encouraged to be creative.
d. Purchase art tools and journals: You can pick up art supplies, tools and journals pretty cheaply at places like Wal-Mart. Having art supplies on hand allows them to create pictures and to journal any time that they want.

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  1. Serena Jones-McGregor says:

    Just a few other ideas for those who may not have the flexibility to take your children to and from classes: One of my 8-year-olds breaths for music, specifically singing, so I got her a karaoke machine and once a month she gets a new CD for good behavior. My other 8-year-old would stay in her room all day reading if we didn’t make her come eat dinner with us, so for her birthday last year we took her to the public library and got her very own library card. Just a few in-expensive ways to encourage your children on a budget. ;-)


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