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How much for a pair of jeans?

Last night I was talking to a young person on MSN and he was complaining that it was unlikely that his parents would allow him to buy his preferred pair of jeans. I asked how come?

Let me give you some background – in my work I talk to many young people online, some I know personally [have met FTF - face to face] and others that I ontornjeans How much for a pair of jeans? ly know online. All of them are aware of my work as a coach to young people and their parents. This young man, I will call him Stephen, was referred to me by one of his friends as he was struggling with the issues of life – he is 16 years old and would be considered to belong to a reasonably wealthy family – private school, BMW, father being director of company – you get the picture.

Back to the jeans – he wanted a pair of [I can't even remember the brand] jeans that would cost $330. Yes, I did put three hundred and thirty dollars for a pair of jeans. I suggested that there were cheaper alternatives but he said he wanted this pair. I asked if his parents wouldn’t be willing to pay that amount and he told me that he would pay for them himself – he works and earns his money he told me. He also told me that he could pay $700 for a pair if he wanted to! That reminded me of when my wife goes shopping and gets such a bargain that she saved me over a hundred dollars – but that’s a digression.

He reckoned that his mother could be persuaded but there was no chance with dad. I asked if he actually needed to tell them – not to lie but just not say how much they cost, after all it was his money that he had earned. Mum would ask, she would tell Dad and he would make him take them back and/or go on about savings, investments and the price of jeans.

So – how much for a pair of jeans? Stephen is more than wiling to pay $330 but is not willing to pay the amount of hassle he will get from his parents. Depending on your view – that is a victory. His parents have in fact won – they have previously taught their son the value of items in relation to life.

Unfortunately the lesson he learned was Dad hasn’t got a clue and the sooner he can leave home the better!

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