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How to cope with a second birth.

When you have your first baby, your head can be in a whirl. There
is all that expectation of the actual birth and so many other
thoughts and fears going on inside your head. Then there is choosing a name for the new arrival, and getting the nursery
prepared. It can feel like that there will never be enough hours in
the day to manage it all. I often feel that this is mother natures way
of getting you ready for motherhood, because then it gets really

However if this is not your first baby, there can be a lot of
difference in how you need to handle the whole event. You may
not feel quiet so anxious this time round. Obviously that is a good
thing, but you may find yourself not being so excited about the
happy event. This does not make this new birth any less important
to you, its just that you have other areas in your life to focus on.
When you had your first baby. You had only the new arrival to
think about. Now there will be another little one at home. Who
needs your attention just as much.

During your pregnancy you will be more concerned about the
welfare of your other children or child to worry about what stage
of the development the unborn baby is in. This may feel like you
do not care as much. In fact its the opposite, you’re just being a
good mother.

Before you know it, those nine months have flown by. You now
have to prepare yourself for the birthing day. Only this time you
have another task as well.

You have to prepare your other little ones for the arrival of the
new baby. Their life will be different from now on as well.

The main thing is not make them feel left out. If they feel involved
in the whole process that can help. Let them choose a few things
for the nursery. Ask them if they want to share any of their own
toys. Let them be involved in the naming of the new arrival. I do
not mean that you should hand over all responsibility to the child,
because you will be guiding them through the whole event.

Giving them this sense of involvement can make a huge difference
to how the child copes with another baby taking some of its
mothers attention. They will not feel so left out.

image 23 How to cope with a second birth.

Make sure that you have some time in the day, where they have
you to themselves. Juggling all of this is not easy, but those early
bonding moments last forever.

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