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How to Give Medicine to Your Child

Once you or your doctor have decided that your child needs to have medicine it is important that your child takes it. Many children don’t like medicine even though pharmaceutical companies try to make children’s medicines taste as nice as possible. If you find that your child does not like paracetamol syrup try every brand and if all else fails buy dissolving tablets and dissolve them in a small amount of her favourite drink.

image 6 How to Give Medicine to Your ChildSpecial syringes are available to make it easier to measure and administer medicine to babies and children. With one hand cuddle your child towards your chest and with the other place the end of the syringe in the child’s mouth. Wait until your child opens her mouth and tip the medicine on to her tongue or down the side of her mouth between her cheek and her gum. You may need to tip her chin up slightly with the same hand to make sure that she doesn’t spit it out.

Eye and ear drops
If your child has conjunctivitis you will need to administer eye drops or ointment. Children do not like having drops put in their eyes so you will need to have patience! It is easier if there is another adult to help you. It is easier than it sounds because it only takes a tiny amount of the drops to dissolve in the tears to enable the drop to spread all over the eyeball. It may seem that most of the dose has come out again especially when the child blinks but don’t worry about this. It is trickier if you are on your own and I have in the past resorted to giving drops to a child who is asleep!

Ear drops are fairly straightforward and do not usually cause discomfort. Again if you give your child a firm cuddle keeping the arms in with one arm you will find it easy to give the drops with the other hand.

This article is a guide only – please seek advice from your medical advisor in all cases.

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