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How to Help Your Child Dry at Night

One of the first steps towards becoming dry at night is staying dry during a nap. If this is happening often, try leaving your child’s nappy off during naps.

If he’s regularly waking in the morning with a dry nappy, you can take the next step of letting him sleep at night without a nappy. Put a waterproof cover over the mattress to protect it against the inevitable accidents. Some parents put their children to bed without pyjama bottoms or pants when they first sleep without nappies, to minimise washing.

image 35 How to Help Your Child Dry at NightMake sure your child uses the potty or goes to the loo last thing at night. Leave a potty beside his bed for him to use if he needs it in the night and switch on a low light of some kind so that he can see what he’s doing.

Another strategy is to ‘lift’ your child when you go to bed yourself, taking him out of bed and sitting him on the potty or loo to encourage a wee.

If your child is regularly wetting the bed, you may need to put him back in nappies and wait until he’s consistently waking with his nappy dry again. It may help his self-esteem if you present this as being a way of giving him a good night’s sleep for a while, which is better than the disturbed nights he’s been getting with wet beds.

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