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Instilling the Value of Family Teamwork Doing Household Chores

kr family doing chores 200x300 Instilling the Value of Family Teamwork Doing Household ChoresIt’s no secret children are not fans of doing household chores, but it is essential to help them realize the importance of working together to achieve the same goal.  This will also spill over into other aspects of their life whether at school, work, or personal endeavors.  Aside from all this, it will ensure your child understands the value of family unity when it comes to running a successful household.

When you are delegating chores to your children, it is vital to keep an open door policy.  Nobody wants to vacuum, do the dishes, or empty the trash, but it all needs to be done.  There might be some chores your children don’t mind doing or have found a way to have fun while doing it.  This is where allowing your children to voice their thoughts is necessary because you can delegate chores as fairly as possible.  If there is something that is not accepted by anyone, then make it a revolving chore that has to be done by one of them for a week and rotate the responsibility.

The first thing to keep in mind is teaching the child how to do the chore correctly.  It will take some coaching to get them to vacuum properly, fold clothes properly or whatever the chore may be, but you can guide them to a better understanding of why it is important to do a good job regardless what the chore is.  Be firm with your delegation and make it known that a half hearted job won’t get it done.

Using teamwork with your children through household chores can give a sense of accomplishment when you all pull together to achieve the same goal – a neat and orderly homestead.  If you find the group effort is not what it should be, then you will have to hold the entire group accountable because that is the essence of teamwork.  This will gently force them to pull together and not let each other down.

You and your spouse are not exempt from this – we’re talking about teamwork, remember?  You need to set an example and have a list of chores that are completed by you two as well.  The reflection of leadership goes a long way with children and it will instill the belief that you would never ask them to do something you wouldn’t do.  This will ensure a positive communication with your children should any negative circumstances arise.  Allowing your children to express opinions is another one of your parts in teaching children family values with teamwork through household chores.

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  1. firma curatenie craiova says:

    I’m a firm believer that an organized house creates a soothing atmosphere and fills you having a sense of inner peace.


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