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Introducing Children to Art

Children and art go hand in hand from a young age, but introducing your children to art in a more formal way does take a little planning. Most children that take to art right away are those that are introduced to it at a very young age and repeatedly, rather than intermittent periods of exposure so make sure you include art in every aspect of your child’s young life. There are several easy ways to include art in children’s life that are fun, natural and not at all forced, proving to be a positive experience in the end.image 3 Introducing Children to Art

To begin with, introduce art to children that they can relate to and comprehend when they first see it. Do not try to introduce complex styles of art that involves a lot of analytical thinking, because children have not developed this type of thought process yet and will not be able to relate to art of this type and enjoy it further. To teach art, introduce colors, start with the basics, and let them explore and experiment with the color spectrum and find out what they can do with it. Show them the different ways to create lines and designs using both finished products and a step by step approach so that they can try it themselves.

No matter what, it is important that you encourage children in whatever art they decide to create themselves, and whatever opinion they have about art because everyone enjoys and experiences art differently. Encourage them to try new colors, styles, media and things that they may not have learned about yet too. Provide children with materials of their own that they are comfortable being creative with whenever it strikes them, in this way, there will be nothing odd about art and they will create. Repetitive and positive reinforcement of art is the best way to introduce children to art and ensure that they are interested for as long as they can find joy in it.

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