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Keeping Teenagers away from the Computer

As technology advances, the prospective dangers which threaten our children become more apparent, especially in online platforms. In recent years, the amount of internet use has grown significantly, as children can often find entertainment surfing the web.

According to statistics, most of our children use the internet prolifically, for various purposes. Last year, the American Psychological Association conductive extensive surveying on this issue, questioning over one million teens on their internet habits. These statistics reveal that over 71% of teenager’s possess online profiles, and nearly all of them have subscribed to some sort of emailing service.

Additionally, it has been recorded that 64% of teenagers have, at some point, publicly posted vulnerable information about themselves on the web. By doing this, teenagers place themselves in jeopardy of befalling dangerous incidents, as a result of the information they have disclosed. In this same survey, it was found that over 16% of teenagers have been asked to perform a face-to-face meeting with an online acquaintance, though most have been smart enough to decline. This statistic, which does not include the large amount of teenagers who post pictures of themselves online, confirms the risk which we take by granting continual internet use to our teenagers.

When the internet was first introduced, it revealed a positive experience which would allow future generations a wholesome and enriching environment. However, though the internet is still a great resource, it has also opened up the door to dangerous, unsolicited perils. As parents, it is now our responsibility to emphasize the positive qualities of this resource.

While social networks and chatting facilities are a great form of entertainment, they must be used shrewdly, and should be considered with the appropriate discretion.

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2 Responses to “Keeping Teenagers away from the Computer”

  1. Serena Jones-McGregor says:

    Computers scare me where children are concerned. My own girls are 8, 8, and 4 and are VERY limited to the sites they’re allowed to go on. Even one of those popular children’s sites we had approved had a link that would take them to some extremely explicit adult games. We’ve started sitting with them when they use the computer.

    And my Lord…the teen girls posting their pictures on Facebook and Myspace where they’re in bathing suits just gets my goat. Who knows who is sitting on the other side on those screens looking at these young girls!


  2. Hanna Moorhead says:

    Fully perceive what your stance in this matter. Although I’d disagree on among the finer particulars, I believe you do an awesome work explaining it. Certain beats having to investigation it on my own. Many thanks


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