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Lack of Respect for Young People By The Media?

If you read your daily newspaper you are probably well aware that it is not exactly targeted for young people. Quickly looking through the sections of the paper, besides the comics and an occasional teen blurb, there really isn’t much that would appeal to teenagers or young people. As a result, teens and other young people are taking to the internet to get their news and stay informed. Paper newspapers are getting more and more irrelevant for young individuals.

Consider the major sections of the newspaper. You will find, amongst others, Homes, Working, Cars, Wine and Fine Dining, Travel and Money. Now, honestly, most young people could care less about these things. In contrast, the topics available on the internet are much are varied and are not as static. Individuals can find up-to-the minute news. Consequently, traditional newspapers have become out-of-date for the younger generations and the internet has become their primary source of news.

Advertising is a large part of why certain sections are included in the newspapers. Newspapers require advertising to survive and the above sections provide the most revenue. While newspaper sales continue to be fairly strong, if newspaper executives don’t find a way to connect with younger readers, then the long term sustainability of the business may be in jeopardy.

One Response to “Lack of Respect for Young People By The Media?”

  1. Serena Jones-McGregor says:

    I actually think this isn’t just an age related problem for the media. I was in the grocery store last night and there was a man set up with a booth trying to GIVE away our local newspaper. I declined it and he said, “No time for reading?” In fact, I read for hours on end. I just see no point in buying a newspaper when I can access it online and save my 75 cents for something else.


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