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Listening Tips

When they do begin to open up you will need to become an active listener – here are some thought provokers:image 25 Listening Tips

  • Don’t listen with just your ears – use your eyes and your emotions too
  • Don’t be a mind reader and fill in the gaps that they leave – ask if you want to know more.
  • Try not to be judgmental – listen with an open mind
  • Watch for their facial expressions and look out for when they are fidgeting
  • Silence is a great tool – use it wisely
  • Be careful with your interruptions especially if they are getting deep and meaningful
  • Tone of voice is definitely worth tuning in to
  • Practice reflecting back to them in summary form what you have heard.
  • Avoid cliché comments – one example that many people don’t like is ‘How did that make you feel?’
  • Find the time to listen – don’t let them feel pressured.

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