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Making Christianity More Appealing to Young People

Some proponents of Christianity believe that young converts are not getting the information that they need to grow in the faith and subsequently are not fully accepting of what it teaches. As a result, they are not living out their faith in their personal life or out in the world. While they may come to believe, they are not growing in the faith and are not living by its’ tenants. believes that this is partly due to the approach of the individuals bringing youths to Christ. Evangelists are more focused on the number of converts that they can get and not so much the quality of the approach. There is also a lack of follow up.
Many young Christians see their conversion as some type of transaction, much like signing up for a credit card, instead of a new relationship with their heavenly father. Rather then making conversions a numbers game, authors at believes that evangelists should change their approach so that they are more concerned about the experience and life of the new believer.

Parents probably play the biggest role in their children’s faith. It is important that they take that responsibility seriously. It can not be left to the church or church leaders. This means that they should be available to answer any questions that their children may have. Asking questions to facilitate discussion and having family Bible studies is another way to achieve this.

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