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Off on the wrong foot

You know when you meet someone for the first time and the conversation doesn’t quite go right? Maybe they said something you didn’t like or you made a comment they didn’t agree with? Well that has just happened to me when reading a website. Their opening remark was:

Parenting teens is a thankless and tough job.

I would have copes if they said ‘can be’ or ‘sometimes appears to be’ but they made a definitive statement – and I don’t agree with it.

Then they went on to say:

If you have a teenage girl, parenting becomes huge challenge.

And I don’t agree again – my observation is that *if* anything teenage boys provide more challenges.

Maybe it’s because I am about to walk my baby down the aisle that I can see the thankfulness in parenting … what do you think?

I am almost reluctant to give you the link! But then again they may say some good things in the article, but I confess I didn’t read it – first impressions and all that.

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