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Our children can teach us a lot – if we are open to it!

This is the first generation where wisdom is not automatically flowing down from the older to the younger generation – specifically in the area of technology. How many grandparents ask their 10 year old grandchild to show them how to work the DVD player? How many of our children understand the computer more than we do?

Derek Semmler makes an interesting point over on Dad Balance when he says:

There are times when it may feel like you are supposed to have all the answers and know how to do just about anything. If you encounter a time where you don’t know, you might even fake it well enough that everyone thinks you know.
But did you know that not knowing how to do something could be a very rewarding experience?

If we are able to put aside any insecurities we can not only learn things from our children but they can learn a lot more from us. We get our DVD working, our video recording automatically, our computer functioning better – but they get to understand humility, being teachable, they have value. A classic win-win situation.

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