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Pain-free Road tripping With Toddlers

As summer approaches, so does the onset of an increased number of family vacations which can sometimes be painful, tiring and overwhelming for families with young toddlers. Road tripping does not have to be a painful experience when you have toddlers along for the ride though, and there are several things you can do to ease their discomfort and turn the trip into a great adventure. The following are some guaranteed to work, road trip tips to use for your next family vacation that requires you to take to the road.

image 4 Pain free Road tripping With ToddlersWhen it comes to toddlers, schedule and regularity are important to them and keep them happy. Whenever you plan on vacationing with young children it is important to keep as much of their schedule and comforting items within their reach, while at the same time building excitement for them about the new things they are going to see. While in the car, try to include appropriate conditions for napping, watching familiar movies and engaging them in playtime. Try including as many quality playtime moments, where toddlers can run around and tire themselves out, which can include a lunch spot with a playground in the restaurant, or an open rest stop where you can pull out a ball and play a little.

As the hours pass in the car, it is important that you engage your toddler to keep the trip as pain-free for as long as possible. When the movies and naps have run their course, talk to them about the things they are seeing outside the car window. Try swapping co-pilot responsibilities with an older child, if you have one, and sit in the backseat with toddlers so that you can play hand games, read a book with them or have them search for specific colors or things out the window. As long as you keep the toddlers mind off the fact that they are strapped in the car for a long period of time, road tripping with toddlers is possible.

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