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So maybe you have a baby on the way or maybe you just realized you could improve your parenting skills. Whatever your reason for reading this article is probably a good one. You were smart to seek out advice on parenting. Parenting is not always an easy task. Let’s face it, it can be downright daunting, exhausting, but extremely rewarding. I bet you want to feel that reward right? Keep reading and learn how!

Parenting for the new parent:

As a parent you will always make mistakes just like your children will always make mistakes. What you need to do is to forgive. You need forgiveness often. If you forgive, your children will forgive you when you screw something up, and believe me when I say you will screw up at some point. Multiple times too. However all will be better if forgiveness is all around.

Forgiveness is only step one. If you want to avoid actually making screw ups then you need to learn respect! Respect is something you want from your child. Your their caretaker and the one who feeds, clothes, and shelters them, but if you don’t show them respect why would they show it? Respect is a mutual thing between two parties on any given level. Don’t do something you wouldn’t want your child to do to you. This also goes for speaking. Don’t speak negativity or rudeness or worst “putdowns” if you don’t want it.

So you know now that you have to respect and forgive, but you must remember to continually cherish your children.  I mean, hug them and kiss them on a daily basis. This is something that they need. They need to be reminded that you love them. It doesn’t matter what age they are believe me when I tell you children will always come to you for advice and more. If you don’t show them the proper love now what do you think will happen? Always show them that you care both visually and verbally.

Of course your children are important to you and you they mean the world but don’t ever forget about your spouse. Children feel the pain of a divorce just like their parents. They bring negativity and scarring on children. Go on a date and ignite your passion regularly with your spouse. If you keep your flame bright with your spouse, your kids will keep their flame bright with you.

While you’re working on your marriage and kids always make some time for you. If you have to go out get out. Go for a walk, shop at the mall, or just get a cola and sit in the park. Whatever you have to do get some time alone. This will keep you sane. I promise.

Parenting is never easy but it is enjoyable and will result in a lifetime of memories and happiness.

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