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Primary School Birthday Party Ideas

3991189848 ddcf623a40 300x201 Primary School Birthday Party Ideas Birthday parties are one occasion a child never outgrows. They are a great way to create memories and no matter the age, children love being the center of attention. Primary school is a great time for children to have birthday parties, as it is a time when they are making and cementing new friendships. A birthday party is an excellent way to bring their friends together in a friendly atmosphere where your child is the star attraction. A successful birthday party will be a talking point at school and will sharpen your child’s socialization skills.
Children who are attending primary school are old enough to participate in the planning of the party. Make sure to involve them in the selection of a theme and colors, guest lists, food, games and other aspects of the party. The party idea selected should engage the children in some physical activity that is entertaining and brings them together.
A great primary school birthday party idea is an alphabet party. There can be many variations on this theme. A simple idea however is to choose an initial from the birthday child’s name. Invite all his friends to come dressed in a costume starting with that initial. So for instance a child whose name starts with ‘M’ could have an ‘M’ party.
Boys are likely to have a great time with an Army party. Invitations can be sent out as draft notices officially recruiting them to attend the birthday party. Rewards in the form of medals of honor can be given to the soldiers and they can also be promoted through the ranks on the basis of their performance in games and physical activities including basic army drills. Of course, all the decorations, gift bags and food will reflect army life and camouflage will abound! Dog tags are a great way to identify the guests.
Girls love to dress up. Having a supermodel birthday party will surely make them ecstatic. This idea needs good organization, as girls will become runway models who will change a number of outfits and take fabulous glamour shots. Help will be needed to organize and change outfits and to apply make-up. A very special touch to the party would be to print the photographs and include them in their gift bags before the party ends. If you are unable to print the pictures to include in the guests’ gift bags, you could include them in your thank you notes.
An international party is a great way to introduce your child to other cultures of the world. Choose at least four (4) countries for your child and his guest to ‘travel’ to at their party. Select decorations, food and costumes for guests to wear based on the selected countries. Activities can also be based on the country selected – for example, a visit to England will see the guests having tea and scones; a visit to India and guests can have their hands painted with henna and so on.
As you plan your primary school birthday party, bear in mind your child’s preferences as well as the level of organization required to bring his fantasies to life. Give yourself adequate time and also work out a budget. Enlist the help of friends and family to make sure your child has a super primary school birthday party.

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