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Quick Family Check Up

From time to time it is good to assess where we are as a family, and I just want to proviimage 19 Quick Family Check Upde you with a list of 7 areas that would warrant your consideration. Ask yourself, as openly and honestly as you can – how are we travelling as a family in each of these areas. It is also a good idea to think about each individual member and consider what their response might be. If they are ‘of an age’ then you can ask them directly – it will make for a great dinner table discussion [or a series of discussions!]

So – how are you with:

  1. Caring – is there a general caring atmosphere in your family? Who cares for the carers?
  2. Respect – is there respect both from younger to older as well as older to younger?
  3. Flexibility – are you willing to put yourself out for someone else? Are there individuals who seem to be taking advantage of others by expecting them to flex their way but not the other way round?
  4. Expressive – are you able to be open with each other, to celebrate the good times and to brainstorm the difficult times?
  5. Responsible – does everyone play their part? Or is it the same person leaving laundry on the floor for someone else to pick up? [Just as an example]
  6. Initiating – do you have to tell everyone what to do – e.g. emptying the dishwasher – or do they take the initiative?
  7. Realistic – does everyone have a realistic view of each other and of the family as a whole? Or are there some expecting the ‘earth’ – e.g. latest gadgets?

The list is not exhaustive and I am willing to accept additional items – it is just designed to be a conversation starter. Enjoy!

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