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Safety Habits for Your Kids This Summer

682734982 76400556f4 300x199 Safety Habits for Your Kids This SummerWhen kids are having a great time at the beach or elsewhere, they sometimes don’t realize that they are already thirsty. That can be dangerous especially during the hot summer months, since thirst is not a reliable indicator of dehydration. Kids have a different thirst mechanism from an adult’s. When a child says she is thirsty, she has already lost three to four percent of her body fluids! It is therefore important to let your child drink at least 20 minutes before allowing her to go outdoors. Make sure that she drinks four to eight ounces of liquids for every 15 to 30 minutes of physical activity.

Aside from plain water, let your child drink flavored fluids. Studies show that drinking flavored and salted beverages increases voluntary drinking by 90 percent as compared with water.

When you take your child to the zoo, be careful about what he does while enjoying the animals. If you will allow a child to pet or feed the animals, do not let him munch on finger foods. Most of all; let the child wash his hands thoroughly before you take a break for some snacks. Your child can get contaminated with E. coli even by animals that appear to be healthy.

Teach youngsters to walk facing oncoming traffic and to remember that a car driver cannot always see a child just because the child can see the car!

If your child suffers from summer itching and you have run out of itch cream, you can use ice instead. Wrap an ice cube in a cellophane bag. The cold will numb the senses and remove the sensation of itching.

Monitor the movements of your kids when traveling. Kids are most prone to safety risks when traveling. This is because they are not in a better position to understand what is safe and deal with danger when confronted by such. They may not even be aware that danger is always a possibility in anything he/she does while traveling.

Train your kids to be safe kids. Watch over them when traveling. The best way to do this is to assign a trusted adult to watch over a group of kids.

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