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Secondary School Birthday Party Ideas

590007895 dceb1f38a0 300x225 Secondary School Birthday Party IdeasBirthday parties are a great way to create memories and no matter the age, every child loves being the star of their very own production on their birthday.  Children who are attending secondary school are old enough to participate in the planning of the party.  Make sure to involve them in the selection of a theme and colors, guest lists, food, games and other aspects of the party.

It’s always easier to plan a birthday party if you have selected a theme or a party idea.  You may be inspired by your child’s favorite activity, hobby or interest.  Speak with your child and find out what theme they would like to have for their party.  Do a little research and suggest some ideas of your own.

A very popular idea for secondary school children are sleep over parties.  This is likely to involve a smaller number of children than a traditional birthday party.   Once you have decided on the precise number of guests, make sure to have adequate sleeping places for your guests.  This may mean getting extra sleeping bags into the designated sleeping area.  For older girls, a spa sleepover party is sure to be a hit.  If your budget allows, you may hire a professional who can treat your guests to manicures, pedicures and hairstyles.  If you are unable to afford this, the girls can treat themselves to manicures and pedicures without the help of a professional.

Boys can also have sleep over birthday parties.  A movie night with friends is a great idea for teenage boys.  Make sure that the movie is age appropriate and one that most or all of his guests have not seen.  Have enough finger food including popcorn and try to recreate the setting of a movie theatre.  Include other outdoor activities and end with the movie.  Follow up in the morning with a big breakfast and your child and his guests are sure to have a good time.

Girls love to dress up.  Having a supermodel birthday party will surely make them ecstatic.  This idea needs good organization as girls will become runway models who will change a number of outfits and take fabulous glamour shots.  Help will be needed to organize and change outfits and to apply make-up.   A very special touch to the party would be to print the photographs and include them in their gift bags before the party ends.

For secondary school age children, an amusement park birthday party will provide roller coaster tons of fun.  The formalities of cutting the cake and opening presents can be done before or after attending the park.  To reduce costs, a picnic lunch may be taken along to provide an alternative to expensive amusement park food.

As you plan your secondary school birthday party, bear in mind your child’s preferences as well as the level of organization required to bring his fantasies to life.  Give yourself adequate time and also work out a budget.  Enlist the help of friends and family to make sure your child has a super secondary school birthday party.

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